Tuesday, September 30, 2008


What the H! I just read my email about J-Land disappearing. What is going on? I guess all those big Ads did not work huh! Blogging is at an all time high & they get rid of this feature. What is that all about. Who is working for this company. That is it, now I have to move everything & that was the only reason I kept my AOL browser & actually paid to have the help services. Well they are going to lose my monthly bucks now! It is going to take me forever to move everything over? I'm not totally clear reading various blogs if we have to move each one separately or they are going to find a way to do it nice for us? I guess I'll start on it this weekend? It is going to be getting nippy outside now so I suppose this will give me something to do while I wait for exams to get done.

I'm soooo sad my cozy home is going away. It feels like everyone is just leaving the center circle & going in all kinds of directions. Please let me know where you will move to so I can bookmark you. Well at least I won't have to see the cheezy tabloid news stories they have on their homepage. Have you been noticing that lately? Geez! Worse & Worse. Then it is so slow they just reword something for the same story.

Well, I'm not sure if I'll go to blogger or see if there is someplace else better? I would love more creativity? I hope my screenname is free somewhere to use? Well as Pooh says..."Oh Bother!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Revoke His Butt!

OMG!!!! I want heads! This is just pathetic! Did you see Lovely Mr. Edwards gets off going 120mph! No not the political one! Star struck my butt! That officer should be fired! If he does not value everyone else's lives on the road then he is not in the right profession. What part of TO SERVE & PROTECT does he even understand because to me he does not understand it at all! Who is he serving & protecting? Edwards and maybe his own butt. What if an accident happened after that & someone was injured or killed? Right! And Edwards...that man's license should be revoked. And if he makes decisions like that then what other types of decisions is he making poorly! He should not be allowed to be a father...did he have a kid in the car? They don't say....and sure there was a sick person! His wife or girlfriend better have the baby coming out of her...I want to see a head & even then 120 is stupid he should have pulled over & called an ambulance! The man should be drained of all his Testosterone! And any woman who would go out with a moron like that should have everything revoked & denied also! Where are we on this living on MARS idea...lets put them all on there...or they can have our dying planet & we'll take a new one.

And where is the NFL on all this stupidity? Apparently they also have a Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Just like Steroids! They should have a code of conduct that the players have to represent even off the field. Heck if some HS & Colleges have it & they should all have it. They should be the examples of what to do. You get paid that kind of money you better prove you deserve it. Even then I would argue the salaries...it should be the awesome officers, firemen & teachers getting higher salaries. Especially all those who had to deal with this train wreck this weekend. That had to be soooo difficult on their hearts. If we didn't have people to do this man...no we have to have goofy men jacked up on Testosterone tackling each other and flashing their bling in our faces and acting like morons...that is more important right? Don't get me wrong I love football but not what it has become! I wonder if tickets or court on this ticket is a public record. I'd love to write a lovely email to that officer. Yes, I'm furious! I hope all the other good officers on his dept really give it to him.

And if we have zero tolerance on alcohol & drugs etc then there should be a line on this too. Take his car away just like they do for drugs. This is way over the top.

Friday, September 12, 2008



Talked to Dr. Z. a bit ago. My toe/foot is hurting worse this week than last. I thought well maybe it gets worse before it gets better. He once told me that as it heals it will hurt. He said there are 4 nerves in the toe so if it is swollen it may hurt more. Told me to get off my foot & ice it! It doesn't seem swollen but...so YES it is on ice now! Still hurts. This is with ES Tylenol. We'll see how it is next week. Guess no big shopping this weekend. HA! Didn't really plan to anyway.

I'm pooped though. I laid down for about 25 min & he had called so...gotta figure out something for dinner. I wanted to see Swing Vote but I don't see it anywhere near. Did it not do well? When did it come out? Anyone see it? I bought a John Cusak movie I wanted to see & apparently either it too did not do well & was out of the theaters quick or somehow I missed it. It is called Grace is Gone. Anyone seen that one? It says "Performance of his Career" on it? 2 Golden Globe Award Nominations? I like him so much. I think he has a lot of potential. He is adorable....and HOT! ;-) So I should figure out something to eat & then sit down & relax & watch this.

I'm heading up north sometime this weekend to spend some time with my little niece. I miss her soooooooooo much. Can't wait to hear all about her new school and the cute boys...omg...she is boy crazy! My classroom has been at 75 degrees now & they have norm to 76 so? Still a bit warm for me but not as bad at least. Today no migraine at least. Sometimes once I get them it lingers for a few days on & off so...

Now my toe is frozen! HA! I saw my ex yesterday & didn't talk to him directly but he was near & teased me a bit. I figured that is a good sign when a guy teases you right...well that he doesn't have like a vodoo doll of me right! HA! We are getting drenched here & I think more will come as that Hurricane goes through TX...OMG have you seen that size of that thing? WOW! Crazy! Ok, gotta go for now...more later...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Too Bad

Hi Everyone!

Well it wasn't too bad. He didn't see too much with my toe on the x-ray at first (quick!) look but thinks I have a  compression (stress) fracture on the foot where my toe meets my foot...or just under that...the spot I said it hurt. He taped up my toe and my top part of my foot. He could not believe my orthoped for my knee wanted to tape the two toes together. I told him I told the doc but he wouldn't believe me. I said write him a letter. He asked who it was. Great he is going to love me now...ha!

Dr. Z. made fun of me...I think he always tries to...what is it with men & teasing! HA! He asked me if I was Italian...I didn't know why at first. I said "whacked" my toe. Oh like Italians are the only ones that uses that word. I'm American Indian...they whack scalps..ha! Then later when I said my toe looked "icky" until Sun he told the nurse to put "icky" down on the file. I wanted to just kill him. He is like well your a prof you'd think your vocabulary would be higher. I said well I'm not teaching kindergarteners and saying "potty" at least. HA! Got to go back in 2 weeks. He told me I could use the ES Tylenol & the topical Ketoprophen but not to overdue it that the pain is telling me something...stay off. Right! I treadmilled an hour Sun. It wasn't making me limp or anything so. He told me I could wear a sandal, ya as it is getting cooler & my gym shoes were fine.

Well....later I'm walking "OUCH!" I called & left him a message that it hurts more now than it did and to tell him "Ouch" or Oueee (how do you spell that?) and ask him if that is a high enough vocabulary word...saying he would know what that means! HA! Ya, sure he says "compression" and I'm like wait slow down & explain in everyday terms...stress fracture..ok, that I know. Sometimes people can have too high vocab. I'm reading my text now & they occasionally have words I'm looking up & I know my students will not know. Heck, we have students not at the college level reading so...you have to just make it plain & simply. Like when I talk about Reliability I say, "What does it mean to have a Reliable friend?" Then for Validity, "What does it mean when someone says, That is a valid point/statement?" Then you put it back in research context. Of course I do have an 11 yr old niece around that I'm talking to so...besides talking like that "Icky" etc just makes it seem less severe to me I guess. He is such a putz! HA! But he takes care of me sooo I gotta give him that credit & to some extent isn't that true of all men! HA! Oh well most you know. Not the psychos out there...ha!

Well it is hurting now through my Tylenol...ugh. I'm still getting migraines pretty much everyday for part of the day? It was 75 in my classroom today. Not too bad with small classes but with 40+ students & there body heat crammed in like sardines...not as good. It is starting to go away now I think? I didn't sleep much last night? Maybe 3-4 hours? Hopefully tonight I will better.

Well...more later...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm a Finalist!

I am a finalist in this week's Caption of the Week (Click)! (I don't know why AOL is not having this underlined when it publishes. It is when I'm in edit mode?) 

Mine is the "Backyard" one, but just vote for who you like the best...that is the fun!

Yep my kitties have a new DVD with nature & fishies etc. It also autoplays! YA!  Ducks are quacking now...do you think that is symbolic for anything right now? HA!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Besides Being A Tigger...


I just did that
Youniverse thing that is going around...here is my results...

I can't get the widget to work but when I do I'll upload the pic!


Your romantic in your outlook with a bit of taste for the exotic. You love feeling the sea breeze in your hair, sun on your skin...You always take the first dip. When it comes to art you appreciate precision and hard work. Nothing is more impressive than real craftsmanship. Your a discerning music listener - romantic and passionate. You love the buzz you feel from watching a live performance - there's no better escape.


You love to be far away from your everday life. There is nothing like catching some rays and slowing down - you know how to take things nice and easy! For kicks, you'll always opt for the chance to broaden your horizons. You love the inspiration that exploring new cultures brings. When it comes to holidays,  you reckon they should always be indulgent - a very special treat and chance to recharge your batteries in luxurious surroundings, as well as spending quality time with family and friends. And what turns you off? People who seem to be smart, until they light up and you realize they are stupid enough to be heading for an early grave.


You appreciate the simplicities of nature and the beauty of the world around you. Its important to slow down and retreat from the frenzy of life. When it comes to drinking you have a taste for the exotic. Your always up for trying the local tipple when your on holiday, its all about fuellng the fun. As for the home, you have an expressive personality. You like your surrondings to be simple and comfortable - with a real romantic feel.


You don't like to take things too seriously. For you, friendship is all about enjoying yourself and seeing the funny side of life. When you think of freedom - the great outdoors springs to mind. Getting back to nature is a big draw. Its the perfect place to find peace and quiet! (YES!)

I think this is pretty accurate. I do like seriousness & committment in friendship also but I love that I can be silly with a true friend. If I've been silly with you, then you have made me feel safe to do so & I hope I have done the same for you. I love the woods & the beach & I've mentioned that before. I love the Turn off on stupid people...does that not describe perfectly the idiot I talked about on the road the other day! OMG! Too funny! Yep that is perfect too. I'd say my Pina Colada's are exotic! ;-) Hard on some pictures I might have had some ties but it did describe this pisces girl pretty well.


Update...I'm filling out the rest & for how my mind works it says I'm a Voyager!

You seek new challenges everyday. You are easily bored so you need constant stimulation & momentum in your life!


Well, aren't you just full of surprises! When you are in love you tend to come over super playful. You're always having cute ideas for brightening your lover's day. Nothing makes you happier. But is that a smidgen of shyness we've detected? Perhaps you should come out and say things face to face rather than behind sweet gestures. Hmmm not sure on that last part.


Good Lord it says I'm a "Love Magnet" Oh really...then where is he??? Mr. Right must be invisible! HA! Now this is not so true...says I fall in love easily & feet first & Iwould disagree! I do love romantic frolics! Says to make sure just not physical...this must be wrong because I definitely know that...not that I will let that die though! Ha! It does say I can't help being a passionate person that it makes me feel alive. That is definitely true. I am passionate about everything or I don't do it.


Nature lover...basically the tingle effect it says, a buzz...oh ya!

Well Being:

Says I prefer wholistic things...which is true when I can do it. Yes, just took my ES Tylenol for my toe & head! HA!

BTW...I'm a Tigger

Hi Everyone!

As I am watching The Last Lecture it made me smile, many times, but that YEP I've always been a Tigger! I loved Tigger as a kid even & remember a key chain of him I actually had. I need to get one as a reminder each day. I feel like a Tigger most of the time & that is why I get frustrated when I'm injured & hate being sick because it prevents me from bouncing! No, not as bad as say ADHD though maybe at times my ideas are so fast I lose the one which I'm thinking or talking about next but I'd still rather have it that way than the opposite. There are too many Eyeore in the world. No, I appreciate everyone & sometimes it is not their wanting...like when my docs tell me I have to sit on my butt...no wonder it is spreading...ha...but it is when the Eyeore is chosen & when they want me not to be a Tigger that I have a HUGE problem! In fact, I remember someone not too long ago saying that I was "exhausting" and I remember smiling, trying to not but and thinking that says more to me about you than me. They meant it as I should slow down just for them or that it was wrong etc but sorry I didn't take it that way. Perhaps you miss getting some people then & you have to slow down a bit to get them to speed up a bit...that I know...but I hope I never lose my Tigger in me! Maybe that is why it is hard to find a guy...not enough Tiggers? Maybe not one that bounces more than me & motivates me & inspires me? Or one near that we can do that for each other? Hmmm?

I started this think about where this started because I remember always being like this & I thought about these baby bouncers! Remember them? I'm not sure when they first came out, if they would have been around when I was a kid but boy what a great simulator trainer! HA! If they were out no wonder I love riding roller coasters. Ha! Ok, well I need to get bouncing...ha! Later!

PBS: Randy Pausch

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to remind you sooner but Dr. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture is playing on PBS now. Started at 10am! It will be also repeated on Sept 9th at 11:30 & then Sept 14th at 4:30am & 6:30am. Perhaps you can put a tape in or DVR it.

It was perfect timing as I just was assigning it & the Diane Sawyer show of him in my classes. You can also watch both on this link above!

I also highly recommend his book! There is more in there than just what is in the The Last Lecture. I donated 2 to our school's library in fact.

Unfortunately, Dr. Pausch passed away July 25th after battling Pancreatic Cancer so heroicly in my opinion. We need more spirits like him in the world! Lets hope his 3 children will have his spirit in him for our next generations!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gustav Visited!

Well Gustav paid us a visit yesterday! UGH!!! I had to drive up to my knee doc...1 1/2 hours! And people are just crazy! I know like I didn't know that but...I go in the left lane to pass someone & I'm not doing the speed limit even because of the rain...probably 10 under! There is no one behind & then I see this car coming from way back & all of a sudden he is on my butt. Must have been going 90 or more! I'm 1/2 way passed the car & he can't wait! So he goes in the right lane on that guys bumper. I'm like HELLO? How is that going to help? That guy was sooo upset or scared he goes 1/2 on the shoulder & do you know this guy went right between us over the white dashed lines! OMG!!!! You better believe I called the state cops with his plate. They are use to me by now Ha...but seriously they need to stop him & find out what the H. he is doing! He will kill someone!

The way back home was over 2 hours! Of course more rush hour time but we were stopped sitting for a while. I was exhausted when I got back & took a nap! Probably skimping on sleep at night. I did last night too so I'm getting tired a bit now.

Well the doc & I talked & he said 6 weeks but to let him know. It is really up to me. I'll know when I can't take it anymore. If it is killing more & preventing me from doing what I want then I'll call him & he knows it. I told him my bro just had his Meniscus surgery and that it was folded over. He said a lady there was just nagging & nagging & MRI didn't show anything conclusively. Sure enough nice tear that didn't show on the MRI.

Well, then as I was driving up I was like hmmm this baby toe that I stubbed in the morning...I know, I know...is pulsating. It is the other toe from the one a broke in 2 places like a year ago. I was fine teaching but then adrenaline kicks in. I thought I better look at it at the docs. I took my shoe off...OMG...it is so big & red & blue. (Shakes Head!) It hurts on the top portion (tip) but then also right where it meets my foot. It hurt hitting it but you know just like anyone else I swore and held on to something as the pain subsided & then I went on. HA! This doc was telling me the old way of tapping toes together but I toldhim my podiatrist that did my foot surgery disagrees and says that you can pull the fracture apart that way. He was not too happy with me. What is with docs & their big egos! God forbid they should be wrong & a patient right! I told him I would call my foot doc. I go in Monday! Ugh! I'll just laugh if it is broken. Can't seem to start a term off without a problem! HA! I'll let you know. I iced it when I got home, took some ES Tylenol & then took my nap.  I might do that now in fact. I'm pooped. I do wear my shoes most of the time but this was the morning & I was getting ready & it isn't like you can put your shoes on before you are dressed now can you! HA! I also like going barefoot. My mom did it to me...she is always like that.

Gustav has also cooled us down! We had 90 on Monday & it is 65 now! Was yesterday also! The trees are beginning to turn colors also! I asked my students if they are watching & they had not noticed! Ugh! Their heads are in their phones texting & IPods! The creek by me was overflowing some & the geese are out everywhere drinking & taking baths! HA! Had to get my raincoat out!

Well I need to decide on what I'm going to do for dinner...more later....

The Man Still Has It! ;-)

Oh baby!

I have been waiting for this movie since spring! Sept 26th...tick, tick! Have you seen the previews? Click here to watch a long trailer! That man just gets better & better! YUM! Ok, he & Pierce are a tie! ;-)

Do you not just love that house on the beach? Oh to walk along the beach ever day would be just so wonderful. Pick up shells, listen to the seagulls and waves of the ocean! I wish! I love the woods but I'd like to either live some time of my life on the beach or have a 2nd place, even small maybe one day. If someone would just not keep screwing up our economy!!! No, I won't get political & ruin my dream of Richard! HA!

Oh that smile of his...ahhhhh! Ok, let me know if you go see it & if you like it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely day. HOT here! YIPES! Tomorrow will be in the 90s again but then we are going to have a high of 65 in a few days! Wow!

I had a lovely time at a Festival I've been going to for about 30 yrs now. OMG I can't believe I said that! Geez I feel old now! They have crafts and rides & food. Lovely! I just got a few things. A cool fanny pack in these geometric shapes mostly brown & blacks, got a DVD & CD for my babies. Yep...I've had one with Birdies now for about 18 yrs with Dusty. They chase after the birds on the tv &  quite frankly it helps me to listen to the birds, especially in the winter it makes it feel spring in here. I want to get one of those thermometers that tells the outside temp & has a speaker with the outside birds. Well this new video has birds, but fish and other things so I'm excited to show it to them tomorrow. The CD has soft music with birds etc on in the background. Sounded nice, we'll see. I'll probably like it more than them Ha! I got some corn & a lemon shake-up, figured the last for the summer.

I also got this sign for Halloween. It has a witch sitting at a table with a yellow moon behind her and kitties walking up in a line. One kitty is on the chair with his front paws on the table & it says "Paw Readings...Black Cats Welcome" Isn't that just cute. I never saw something like that so I had to get it! :-) That is it! I saw some other nice things but that is all I really wanted. I got a sun burn. Well, my bro was bring the sunscreen so he didn't get there right away & then I missed some spots. Didn't have a nice guy to put it on. He was busy with my niece riding the rides & playing games. My niece won a goldfish which she named Nemo & won a teddy bear & a red dog. Got her face painted...fun was had by all! My sis came too & we shopped a bit. We headed to a restaurant my niece wanted to go to for dinner. I had a heat migraine by then but a few meds, ice tea & some dinner & it was getting better.

I then went to my cousin's to pick up a video & ended up staying 2 hours! OMG! But it was lovely talking with them, especially her husband. He is not the rough exterior one sees...he is very sweet! My cousins husbands are always teasing me & pushing my buttons but tonight he gave me some very sweet compliments that meant so much to me. He was quite supportive of me & I had no idea he thought that way of me. Wow!

Well, I still have a headache a bit. I took a shower to get the day's sticky sun off me and cool down. I'm going to head to bed & hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I do hope my classroom is not hot or I'll be in trouble. Let you know!