Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spencer Tracey Marathon

I'm working on school stuff & I'm thrilled TCM has Spencer Tracey movies on! I missed some durng the day I guess. Some I have never seen. First I caught part of Father's Little Dividend, then I never saw Man's Castle with Loretta Young. They said she also was an item with him, apparently before Katherine Hepburn. The two of them realized it was no good with him being married. Apparently, he & Katherine didn't??? I know times were different but...I mean he was married & a devote Catholic...but he is with these ladies? We get all on our politicians like this is a new thing? I'm not excusing it, just that it is not something new. Loretta apparently said later in life Spencer was her one great love. Boy, he must have been something. I know he was not perfect because Katherine even talked to Jane Fonda about it when her dad was not kind to her during On Golden Pond.

Well now the Fury is on and then The Seventh Cross. I haven't seen either. I like Deskset & Adam's Rib which is what the picture above is from. Laws of Attraction with Pierce was a remake pretty much. Women of the Year is pretty good too. I know those are just all the romantic ones. I LOVE Guess Whose Coming to Dinner! His speech at the end...WOW! I bet my students have not seen it. Have to put that on their extra credit list!

Ok, back to work and watching!

Rethinking Cloning!

As I'm trying to stop what can you just came into my mind & made me laugh...I'd be in favor of cloning if we were going to clone Pierce! ;-) Maybe I can have one that goofy movie Multiplicity...plenty to go around. Who would you clone? No, there are a lot of other lovely men out there but I'm sure they would love to clone some lovely thing so they can't complain here! Ha! Man...maybe I should move to Ireland & find me a lad like Pierce??? Hmmmm? ;-)

Mama Mia Therapy!

Hi Everyone!

Well, last week was a week of hot classrooms & migraines & then something in my family happened that has made me...sad, disappointed and my heart aches so bad. I talked to my ex about it & he agreed with me & that made me feel like I was not being stupid which made me feel much better. I then tried to escape it for a bit...knowing it would be there later...and went to see Mama Mia! finally. I had tried to get my 3 female cousins & our moms & my sis to go together to have fun but a few didn't want to & then the others pooped out on me. I tell you people life is short you gotta make time for fun & grab the opportunities when you can! So I just said too bad I'm going alone! I love going to movies. They energize my spirit. I thought with somewhat the theme it might be a problem but it wasn't. It actually helped I think in more ways than I thought.

So who has seen it? I really LOVED it! I know some are thinking it is goofy etc but I didn't. My sis emails me & says I couldn't get over them just breaking out into song? HELLO?! What the heck was GREASE & man all the musicals we grew up with. It is like people who have to separte their food I guess. HA! Don't you every just break out in song singing? If need to have more fun in life I think! HA! Perhaps it was that a bit...brings you back to the time period when we did have musicals. BTW...I saw that Grease is coming back to the theaters I think Sept 13 & 14! Have to go see that on the IMAX if it is there?

I loved the scene with Meryl jumping on the bed! OMG! She is older than me. I'd probably bang my head. I can just imagine explaining that to the ER docs! They wouldn't believe me. My family would though! Ha! I'll have to jump on my bed next week...just a bit!

I already went & bought the CD. I don't care if people think it is goofy, I like the ABBA songs! I remember them & they do make me dance & that is awesome for my spirit. I've already been dancing today so those viewing me on the hidden cameras in my place you may want to tune out for a while...HA!  To dance freely from your spirit...that is sooo good for your spirit! And throughout the movie it was fun like down the banister...that is what life is about!

I also love the idea of how friendship is sooo much fun! There is nothing like being goofy with your friends! You feel safe to be yourself, to cry to be stupid everything!

Ok, should I get to the real reason why I went to see it? PIERCE! HA! YUM!!!! OMG that man is just so incredibly hot! Now see why can't he be in my dreams! HA! We should be able to pick who we want! HA! Then at the end they get all wet & he is in a white he takes it off! OMGGGGG!!! I felt guilty & wanted to go pay more. Didn't feel guilty over having a dirty mind at all though! HA! Which I will forewarn you, pick your seats wisely...surrounded by senior citizens. I have nothing against them. Love them...except two things, bless their hearts they are getting out & living & having fun but when they are shouting "What did she say" etc...UGH...and then you just have a dirty mind when you have grandma & grandpa next to you! HA!

People are also complaining about Pierce's voice not being that great. I thought it was adorable. Was it an incredible voice like some great that was was like a normal guy trying to sing which made it seem more real to me. I would love a guy that came in the kitchen singing to me & grabbing me & dancing with me! ;-)

Now this may be a bit of a spoiler so don't continue to read if you want to still see it. I found the themes quite interesting. The idea that sometimes we THINK we know how life is...what others think or did is quite interesting to me. I think those who saw it would know what I'm talking about. They both assume & boy how we can get in trouble with that by not asking how each other really feels. In the movie it all works out later...oh if only that really happened in life. And I loved the idea that love really never goes away. To me that is so true. I also thought it was hysterical at the end with the credits. You have to wait until the very end but these guys in their get ups...OMG! Not one person got up in the theater...we all just listened to the music & had fun! I can imagine Meryl would be so fun as a friend. 

Boy did I understand all too well that feeling that it is too late & the emotion of her running! But I loved how in the end they take a chance on love AGAIN! To not care if others think they are foolish, to not care about the past part of their lives...just NOW & what they want for the FUTURE! th me! ;-)

I also love that these were mostly Mature actors shall I say. I just mean it was not all TEENS or even young adults...ok I'm young but... 

One last does this not show how great actresses they women are. look at those emotions. They each express it differently & if you didn't know what movie this was from & had seen it you could really have fun wondering what they are looking at & feeling. Love it! I have a feeling...I'll be seeing it again! Oh thank God matinees are cheaper! HA! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Think I Do?!

Are these two in love or falling out of love? Hmmm? All depends on your perspective huh!

Apparently Oprah had an article in her magazine in May that I missed reading? Some woman who claims she is happily married but dreams of being divorced and claims many women feel the same way. AOL had a link of a reply to this article which I read & I tend to agree.

Ok, what do I know of marriage? Never been married so what could I know?! I agree! Everything I think & write here is probably total bunk! At the risk of sounding like Dr. Phil here...I'm sorry if you are thinking of are not happily married! Some big denial going on here! Now there are days you may not want to be around the person. For good reasons or bad....although that could still be good? Let me explain. You may just want to have some time to yourself. Marriage does not mean you lose yourself. That "becoming one" idea is ok in some respects, because if you just think of yourself & not as a couple then you will have problems. But at the same time if you don't have an individual identity also, that will be a problem. So alone time is not a bad thing.

Then there are times you just don't want to be around the person. Ok, today they are bugging the heck out of you. Now this may not be their fault. You may be having a bad day & then it is probably a good idea to steer clear of each other until one is back to their chipper self. Then again, when our partner is like this do we say, "What can I do for you?" realizing something must be wrong today. Do we tell our partner, I'm just crabby because...and come up with an idea that might cheer us up. I'm thinking MASSAGE! ;-) Now some of this may also be perspective. I'll give you the example I use with my students during the wellness unit. I think it was from "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" but I could be wrong?

Ok, so this wife is all pissed off because every morning she gets a towel for her shower & places it in the bathroom. Every morning her husband "sneaks in the shower before her and uses 'her towel'". This goes on for year after year in their marriage. She gets more & more upset thinking her husband is an inconsiderate jerk (or worse!) One day she overhears her husband boasting about what a wonderful wife he has & provides an example. "Do you know my wife puts out a towel for me every morning." Now she could have gotten upset & yelled no I don't why don't you even think blah, blah, blah. You know that can happen but I suppose it is the tone in his voice that makes her realize he really thinks she is being sweet to him. All this time she thought he was just being inconsiderate and taking her towel when he had no clue & just thought she was doing this for him because she really lovingly wanted to. It brings up a few points. First, why wasn't she? Yes, he could too and especially since she was why wouldn't he, but maybe he felt that would just be her idea & he feels he is doing something she noticing? Next, why is she stressing out about this? After all these years, why hasn't she just brought out two towels right away & solved the problem? Why hasn't she nicely said anything to him right away? He would have probably said, "I'm sorry, I thought you were bringing it for me" and then he would have got his own perhaps or they could have gotten each others? Actually, I just thought...perhaps that is why they use to have "His" and "Hers" towels...HA! Do you see how one's perspective gets things thrown out of whack & how communication is sooooo very important?! People get so upset about these little things they turn into big things when they really do not need to. Perhaps this is what this woman means by happily married, meaning overall she loves him and wants to be married but it is a pain currently just living together because they are not communicating. But still she is not happy & if you are not happy then you need to tell the person that. We certainly do not have trouble telling strangers when we are not happy with their driving etc. This is the person you love...we SHOULD be able to tell them how we feel safely. I know...very difficult. Was with me and my last bf too. Not saying I'm perfect on this myself.

 Youknow there are also some people who get married just because they think it is the thing to do. They are a certain age, it is the socially acceptable thing to do, they love the idea of the wedding but forget what it is is about marriage & what that really means. Then once they get married & realize, they are disappointed. They don't THINK about what they want and the idea of wanting to be with this person to help them potentiate who they are and have thought about whether this person wants to be with them for the right reasons & to help them potentiate.

Then there are the relatives! HA! Don't you love this movie! Now that is a real man...who loves her and her matter how crazy they are! Ha! God knows we feel that way about them too sometimes & quite frankly you know they all talk behind our backs that we are the crazy ones! HA! But someone loves them also...isn't it great!

Lastly...for now...we forget we are all on life's journey. We are on different points of this path sometimes. We all grow at different paces & have different lessons to learn. We forget to be patient with each other. We forget that we are also not perfect so we should not expect our partner to be. They will make mistakes and the idea is if you love that person you are there for them when they do. It is the difficult times that are the real test. Anyone can be there for the fun and easy times. Love is really true when you are having a tough time and that person is there even more for you. They are solid and strong when you need a bit of help. And it is not a chore, you do it eagerly! You want to because you love the person! We certainly do when we first meet but we tend to forget and stop doing these things. I've posted before how I have the Love is Patient, Love is Kind verse as a poster. I love this ring...great reminder! Have to remember that maybe for one day.

Oh...but what the H do I know...I've never been married so don't listen to me!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Lovely Day!

Hi Everyone!

Today was just a beautiful day! I wish every day was like today! It reminded me of summer days when I was little and our first house we had. I use to sit on the grass and watch the clouds. I'd listen to the birds, the planes (low ones), smell the grills in the neighborhood...just total bliss! I'm not sure when my dad planted it but we had this Weeping Willow Tree in the corner of our backyard which I just loved. I love sitting under trees...or floating...ha...I would float on our pool at our second house looking up at the branches how they curved in all kinds of directions. It was like I know where I'm going & boom they make a 90 change. Kinda like life. I'd see the squirrels & chipmunks running through them like that was their stomping ground, no different than I knew my route to the mall, McDonalds, school etc. I watched the birds fly back & forth with branches for their nests and some gross bug they would regurgitate to feed their babies. The trees would blow gentle back & forth and whisper to me. When my niece was little, she did not like the wind, so I told her it was the trees waving Hello to her. She smiled & would say Hello back! :-)

The sun would send its warmth to me and make me feel safe & relaxed. Then there was the occasional voice of mom interrupting your altered state of consciousness to ask if you feel asleep, put suntain lotion on or to tell you she had Kool-Aid or popsicles etc. Pretty soon you could feel the sun going down, but you didn't want to admit it. I vowed to stay out as long as I possibly could. I'm not cold? That wasn't a mosquito...dinner? Oh...ok, I'll go in. Then you sat at the dinner table still with the smell of suntain lotion (usually Bain de Soleil) and a bit of sweat & ate. Off to take a quick shower & change for bed to welcome another summer day of the same.

Oh do I want to be there again! Alas, summer is leaving us soon. It will return but not soon enough for me. I love Fall's show of colors, the soft beauty of Winter's white snow and Spring's birth of Summer really but there is nothing like SUMMER! Forget the countdown on Christmas Shopping Days, I countdown the days when Summer will come back & play with me.

I do hope Summer fights leaving just as much as I did going in for the evening!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What A Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone!

Well that wasn't the best first day of class...Sigh! I walked in my classroom to a Sauna! I and another prof had called last week about how hot it worse! Ugh! One of our air conditioners had problems I guess. It was like 20 degrees hotter than it should have been. My first class was wilting & I was along with them. Didn't help it was standing room only! By the 3rd class in there it was getting cooler but by then I was getting a migraine! Ugh!

Came home & went to PT and someone I know from my Tai Chi group, who I have not seen for a very long time, came in for PT and was so excited to see me she had to come back right away to talk to me. It ended very good for her in some ways. She had a knee replacement about 4 weeks ago & so right now it is really tough when they are working on her to stretch it while it is swollen etc. I tried to keep talking to her as while they did it and she was wincing in pain. Even the PT kept telling her to talk to me as it became more painful for her. We already emailed each other tonight. She is so sweet. I ended up taking my migraine pills there as I was finishing up my last 2 exercises and then we talked a bit more. By the time I was leaving my head was getting better.

I got hom & relaxed a bit but then my headache was coming back but it was about an hour after I took my meds & that is when you can take another. I ended up not but I was sooo tired I layed down. Set my alarm for an hour but ended up sleeping for 3! YIPES! I feel weird now...more than my usual that is...ha...but I think it is just migraine hangover thing. Had some strange dreams though. Poor Dusty & Country were starving when I woke up since they had not had their dinner. Don't worry they have crunchies out all the time but they get a can of food for breakfast & dinner.

Now I'm trying to get a few things done for tomorrow. I'm hopeful that the classroom will be cool tomorrow as it was already getting that way when I left. I was upset sleeping so much thinking I would not be able to sleep tonight now but I'm still yawning? Maybe I'll sleep & then just get up early which is good because they changed my classes on me Friday & now I have an early class on T & Th...and I am not a morning person so perhaps it is a pleasing in disguise.

Oh I did make some Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies & took them to campus for the faculty. I found the mix at TJ is their site! Yum...but I've been good. Well, back to work.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Problem With Schools!

It is examples like this that make me embarrassed to say I'm in education! Well, except that I would NEVER agree with this! This school refuses to let a girl wear her hair pink in honor of her dad who died of Cancer. PATHETIC! How much of it is a distraction beyond all the other distractions! If I were a parent of the other kids I'd organize to have her whole class show up with pink hair to support her & send a message to the school board! Suspend them all for the rest of the year for all I care! I'd sue. Ha! Can you tell I'm a child of the 60s! HA! Heck I'd get all the parents to do it too...and maybe even some REAL MEN (fathers) would too!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This print is called "Too Pooped To Participate" by Charles Wysocki which I've always loved. I have a metal one of this in my kitchen. :-) Well I was too pooped yesterday to post about my first day back & today...I took a long nap when I got home. HA! Today was 8:30 meeting...ICK!!! At least tomorrow is 10am! :-) I got my workbooks into our copying dept so I'm pretty much set for next week. I think this is the most ahead I've been in 18 yrs of teaching! HA! Now I have to work on the text material. New book & a new edition...ugh. I'll do that in the next couple of days.

You know I'm thinking of actually taking an iron pill. About 2 yrs ago I was low & I wonder if I am again? But I've just been feeling like that for the last week? Still? Probably not eating right again? Well that wasn't the whole reason before but I get into these moods once or twice a year where I'm bored with food. Nothing appeals to me. Every get like that?

The meetings were ? Well so were so short we had bigger breaks so if you combined them I was like I could have came in at 9:30 & slept more! HA! The critical thinking for hours was long and I didn't feel engaged as it should. I did get some ideas so to me if you walk away from something & even get one nugget it is worth it. I went to more today but only like 6 others did with me since it was optional so might tell you something. Again, an idea or two. Probably didn't need to be so long, could have been another topic today or we could just have came back today but that is my opinion worth you know what! We'll see how tomorrow topic.

Well tomorrow we are getting storms in the evening & then Fri & Sat scattered. Good I can just work inside and not feel bad I'm missing being out in the nice weather. Then I'll get that done & can enjoy the days after. Now I feel like I slept too much? Ugh. It will straighten out soon I'm sure. Well I think I'll watch some of the Olympic coverage since tomorrow is the last day. Later...

I Guess I'm Old?

Ok, I guess I'm old! This was an ad from Kohls in my email. I tried to find it online just to link to but they don't have it there so...Although I suppose "Juniors" could be still for those in college but I think of Juniors as Jr. High or starting H.S. and let me tell you I don't think I'd let my daughter where those shoes! It isn't just how tall the heels are per see. My first pair of high heels were sandals with wedge up about 4 inches...made me 6 ft! I was in 8th grade too or maybe spring so just about graduating! These just look a bit "something else"? And first are those leg warmers on her with the Argyle? Are they back? Is Argyle back? The brown ones make them look more conservative school but??? Not to mention these girls are going to be making the podiatrists a mint but then I like the high heels with the pionted toes sooooo much! HA! Can't find them so much anymore. What do you think? Is it just me & I'm getting old???

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Last Day of Vacation!!

The clock keeps ticking. It won't let me stop it. Well, I could go & pull the power from it or smash it with my sad feelings but that really doesn't stop the time from passing, just the another confirmation that it is. Summer has come & gone. I know we still officially have some left but I go back to work tomorrow. My official Summer Vacation is ending once more. You know how they say you pay for it later...8am tomorrow...UGH! I know, I know, I'm lucky I teach at the college level & don't have to everyday. So what am I complaining about...I'm not a morning person. Never was & I don't really think I'll change? I have meetings the next 3 days & then Friday is just prepping but I have my syllabus, calendars & blogs all done & online already so I'm in good shape. I thought I would avoid the stress or minimize it that way. I slept late today but that is only because I didn't fall asleep until late. I'm going to try to head to bed early tonight...we'll see. I really do want to go for about 7am or a bit after but we'll see. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I don't love being in my classroom with my students, I just wanted a bit more vacation that is all. As I told my students on their blog the kids are going back so if we don't we'll be in trouble & they'll catch up to us! HA!

I had PT today & they gave me different exercises & bumped me up to a blue band. My left hamstring was pulling a bit & later seemed to be spasming more but I think it has settled down now. I spent my afternoon finishing putting together my shelf. Then pulling the other smaller one out & cleaning it up etc. I have one more to put together tonight. Then I went and tried to perk myself up. My nails were scary so I had some fun. Well, sorta...they all broke off now so I couldn't do as much so I had them do my fingers clear & then my thumbs we did these ladybugs! Well I did...they didn't know how to do them. Which it was hard doing the right one with my left hand but they turned out nottoo bad. Well you don't notice the ladybugs with all red or if they were all ladybugs not as special. Aren't ladybugs suppose to be goodluck? They asked me & that is what I remember. Now you can see them good. (Picture below!) Well, I'm a psych prof what do you want from me & I have to come into class making them not scared but hey sometimes...ha! It is sooo great not to fit into norms all the time! HA! And geez give me a break...the students are sooo beyond me so...and these little things do matter in having fun & feeling young etc. I then went shopping & bought 5 tops different colors on sale for $ a sale...then I picked up a pizza! Ahhh thin & crispy crust & I was bad & had green pepper, onion & sausage! I don't think I've had one all summer so that was my little party with myself! HA!

Well I better get that other shelf taken care of & get some things back in order & ready for tomorrow. Our students start back next Mon.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Harry Potter Postponed!

Did you hear they are postponing the new Harry Potter movie until July 2009 to make more $$$! Ugh! I like it in Nov! The fall early night & chill in the air adds to the wickedness! What a bummer! It is fun around the holidays also but that may be the issue for them. You know in the summer parents can just send their kids out to the matinee to see it again & again & again but in Nov they are in school! What a Bummer!

The Banana Splits

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I was in Panera reading USA Today & there was a little article saying The Banana Splits were going to be starting on TVLand starting Sept 2nd. OMG! Do you remember them? I actually saw them at Kings Island Amusement Park when I was like 11 or 12 yrs old I think. It will be funny to watch as an adult now. Boy it took very little to entertain us then! HA! Darn now I won't get the Tra La La song out of my head! HA! Do you think the kids will like it today? I bet a lot younger ones. What other show should they bring back? I was thinking it would be fun to see John Travolta in Welcome Back Kotter again. OMG!

Red Bull Warning!

Did you see the warning? Red Bull apparently makes your blood sticky! I've been talking to my students about caffeine drinks for years! Just not good! Especially how young ones are drinking them also!

I'm happy to say I have never gone beyond my Pepsi Caffeine. I rarely drink coffee...just when it is a flavored one maybe once a year during the holidays. I don't drink pop as much as I was younger...maybe 1 a day but not always that. Mostly when I need the caffeine when I have a headache. There are studies that show taking it even with your Tylenol it significantly improves than without. They even have caffiene injectors for migraines. Now maybe it isn't the caffeine doing it but something else that is in the Red Bull? I don't know? It also made me wonder about some of the athletes that die suddenly playing? Perhaps they had one or more before they began to play & with their hearts pounding? We'll have to see.
Do you remember the scene in Meet the Robinsons? Not to make light of this but really show what people are doing!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Mrs. Fields Is Bankrupt!

Ok, if Mrs. Fields goes out of business I want her recipe to her Pumpkin Harvest Cookie! I love those cookies...every fall! YUM! Anyone have the Mrs. Fields Cookbook? Is it in there? I'll have to go to the bookstore & see! We had one in our mall & it left a number of years ago. Then I had to go about 1 hr north, maybe a bit more & then they went out of business! :-( If some guy really wanted to make me smile.... ;-) then again don't think that will make-up for everything & anything! HA! I better get some this fall just in case. Don't think I did last fall? I wonder if they will have them this year & when they will start? If anyone sees them at yours please let me know!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Samson But...

Ok, it isn't like I'm Samson or anything & have all this strength in my hair but you all know women & their is a very big deal! Did you watch that when you were a kid with Victor Mature? I loved his locks! I go in for a small cut & my color. I show her that I want more of a choppy layer than slow tiny progression...understand. She says you know if you take the ends off, cut the tip of the V in back your hair will be healthier. Ok, well I have been just trimming...she says an inch or two. I swear these people do not know measurements! I mean I know I am not good with it & thus why I use a tape measure, ask for additional info than just miles and certainly did not go into an occupation which requires it! My hair at its longest point was just above my midback...maybe between the middle of my it? Now??? Just touching my shoulders!!!!! NO LIE! I'm like thinking the "H" do you think that is an inch or two. My ends were not that damaged!!!! Nothing I can do about it now. And my bangs? She knows they go up so much when they dry...I hate them if they are not like touching my eyebrows much less longer...they are midforehead! Now I will say she is not good blowdrying or when I got home & redid it is not bad style & does "look healthier and thicker" likes she said, but it could have been that still at maybe my collarbone! I'm like pulling the back of it all the time! All that growing it & now it is gone! What a waste! It better grow fast. I'm soooo pissed! I'm not saying anything against anyone who likes shorter hair...I just like long hair. I always have & my hair usually grows slow! It is probably God pissed at me because my ex-sis-in-law cut my nieces hair short again & I was not happy. Her's was at her collarbone & looked soooo lovely & now it is cute...yes...that is not bad at 11 yrs of age, but telling me mine is cute? I'm sorry somehow that is not what I was going for! And my niece just looks so pretty with longer hair. Her mom has total short hair, which looks good on her, but my niece had real long hair when she was little with little curls & it was just beautiful. So why do I go to this woman? Her price is great! I get my cut, color & eyebrows for like $50 total! You should see what it is up north. She ever does this again though & that will be it. Someone else chopped all my hair off about 8 yrs ago & I hated it can see I still remember! HA! Ok, so what did I do...took it out working out, Cried a bit, worked on stuff for my students so I wouldn't think about it & got some shelves to replace the old ones so I'll have to put them together tonight. Yes...anger has no paragraphs either! Ha!

People Are Just Too Funny

OMG...what is with people? Anxiety & Hemorrhoids is what this flight attendant is claiming as physical injuries from Joel Osteen's wife pushing her. How do these things even get to court. Those judges must just laugh in their chambers! And this is the intellectual capability a flight attendant has to have to work for Continental? I'm never flying with them that is for sure! Good God if that is all you need is a push to get that all the kids in school are in trouble! HA! I wonder how the boxers sit the week after a fight? Stop me...I could go on & on! have anxiety for trying to go after a man of God...ok we can argue the money issue with him but even so...and the hemorrhoids are from working your brain apparently too much...sitting on it too much also! Sorry, I'm not usually this bad but geez give me a break. There are more important things in the world to take care of & things she could be doing. Go through the pictures & look at the other flight attendant who was supporting! I'm not thrilled about any evangelist (sp) nor quite frankly the Pope having all the money they do when there are so many poor people, but I have listened to Mr. Osteen's show I think twice & both times I really liked it. I know save me from this future cult but...I take what is useful to me & discard the rest...much of what I do with anyone...HA! Oh don't worry I'm sure they do the same with me! HA!

Why am I sore...PT this morning & yep, just did an hour on my treadmill & then lets see...totalling would be 200 squats (different kinds) and about 100 on my arms (different kinds). :-) Much of it is motivated I think by anger the last two days. I'll explain in another post!

Friday, August 8, 2008

No Arguments!!!

Jay Leno is now interviewing people off the street on the Olympics...OMG!!! This just proves my last point!

2 college girls who are going into Education had noooo clue where the Olympics are being held, how often they is going to watch Ice Skating during the summer Olympics isn't that great!

They had no clue where the first one was held. They didn't know where "Poles" would be from or "Danes". One engineer didn't know what a Meter was equivalent to. Just pathetic!


Well I had to post on a special day like today! The date alone is so cool! I went to work for about 5pm & got home about 9:30 & realized I missed the beginning of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. I'm hoping they will repeat it but it may be one I buy actually.

At the risk of someone saying I am Obama's wife & UnAmerica...I really wonder if Chicago could top what China did! That was just incredible. And we wonder why they are doing so well in their economy in just a decade? I think we really need to stop complaining about China & step up to the plate & try to compete at their level. That is just my opinion but...Mayor Daly is on tv now even saying Chicago would not be anywhere near it. It cost China 40 Billion...can you imagine? He said that you put the last 25 Olympics together & it may not add up to what China did. The point is...they did it! They do not say No or say "We Can't" and we need more of that in the US! I'm not saying we don't have any of it...just we need much more. I don't know about you but I see many who think they can't before they even investigate it or don't just believe in it first!

Well Dusty believes there should be a Kitty Olympics! He says he can climb great heights, as you can see by the Christmas Tree, which the peak of the roof is about 16 ft so...& he doesn't even want to come down! He also believes he should get the Gold medal for bravery! Climbing my very pathetically messy desk to get to the Fishie was quite dangerous he said for some kitties but not for him! Then there is the long limber! Finally, taking the chance of getting caught (Got the proof!) he thinks should earn him a 10.0 Gold! He says he may have some more examples in future posts in the next 16 days so get ready!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm Alive!!!

Hi Everyone!

Well last Thursday I came home from my last day of summer school & was working on my computer for about 30 min & I hear "BSSST" and then my monitor goes black & I smell something burning! UGH!!!! *&%^#!!!

I call my dad & say, "Dad talk to me before I start crying!" I was just thinking I lost my computer. Now I had almost everything on my flash drive since Dell had to redo my computer so I would not have lost all my data but a few things that were added the last week or so. It was just the thought that I would have to buy a new computer now. I had just replaced my sound card & my mouse is dying since I have to basically break a finger pressing the right button to get it to work. Well, my dad helped me logically think it through...if it was my motherboard it would have a screen but say it can't find the files so he thought my power supply was the problem & that was not too costly. He said he would help me put a new one in when he brought his mattress to me. Yep, I get hand-me-downs! HA! First it was cars...which wasn't bad when I got my brothers red Z24. HA! I miss my Zoom, Zoom but I like not having to get in my car so low with my back & knees and having more cargo room now. My folks had got a Select Comfort bed in AZ & they had just finally ordered one for their house here for the summer, so when it came in I got their mattress. It is probably 10 yrs old but what I have is probably 20 so better than what I got until I can order a Select Comfort too. I really would like to get a King then but that is more costly so we'll see. I can always get a King later....So, he & my brother came over and we went to OfficeMax & they assured me it would work & be more power even...cables didn't reach! SIGH! So I had to order one from Dell!  

Ok, so it comes in today! YA! I got it connected with a little help from my dad over the phone. Some plugs were obvious but others I was not sure if they had to be in certain slots or just any so I called. Then I call Dell to ask them about the sound card they sent me for my front plug ins. It looked the same as what is in there... UGHHHHHH....I will give you the VERY short version...1 1/2 hrs later they tell me they could have sent me the back soundcard of what I had & the front would plug into it & so now I have to send back the 2 cards & order the one I originally had. I know...LOVELY! Maybe I can get them to pay for it or give me some credit or something other than an Ooops, We're sorry! Unfortunately, I started to get a migraine on the phone with Dell. It is better but lingering. I should take my contacts out & eat something.

I swear I was having withdrawal from not being online for a week. Well, I went to another "supplier" ha...I went to work the last two days for a bit to work & check emails etc. Hee Hee! I had to go in last Friday also to enter grades etc. I figured it was God's way of making me stay off the computer & get other things done. HA! Which I did!

I had some other excitement the last couple of days also...Tornado Warnings! Ugh! I really didn't like the 6am one...I woke up from a big thunder clad & then I said, "Is that the alarm?" I went and looked out my window & it was really GREEN! Ugh! Dusty & Country were not too happy with me scooping them up from their deep sleep & bringing them into the bathroom but hey they know I'm crazy already. Can you imagine what cats must think...HA! They have no idea why we have to stay in the bathroom...pretty crazy if you think about it. Ha! Some big trees down in the city next to me but we were pretty much ok. 2 big ones down on the other side of the street by my school's entrance. Cracked a about 3 or 4 feet from the ground.

Well, long already...I'll post some more in a bit...