Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Turtle Gender Identity Confusion & Then Some!

Oh my...I've had "Sam & Ella" (see previous entry!) for 4 years & the whole time I thought they were both males! I had bought two books on red-eared sliders & spoke the pet store personnel about them over the years & I'm not sure where I came to know they were males? I know you look at their nail length & tails for clues. They clearly have short nails & tails.

Well, today I stopped by a pet shop I have never been to before. I was up north for my physical therapy & having some routine service done on the Vue and I happened to see this place. Well, I go in & in a conversation with one of the owner's sons, I found out Sam & Ella are both FEMALES! YIPES!!! All this time I treated them as males, saying "he" etc. Oh boy! Sorry about that! Ha! Well this just changes everything! Ha! Maybe that is why they always look at me funny & snap at me! Ha!

Actually, it got even more interesting in the store! I was talking to this gentleman about a big tank for Sam & Ella because they really need it & they had incredibly wonderful prices! He asked what else I had (I think) but I remember telling him I had "a zoo" about the time we got to the counter & I said I have no idea why I didn't go into a field with animals since I love them so much.  You know he said something in response but I can't remember anymore because right after that his father says, "Or a man who is a pet shop owner" and I just went blank & couldn't talk. If you know me speechless is pretty hard to manage! Well, just look at my journals! Ha! I didn't even know what to say in response as he, his son & then another son just were looking at me. His son said something close to that, but not as bluntly I think. I managed to chuckle a bit  & definitely look down and said "ya, my mom says a vet to cover all the medical costs, but then you add other occupations massage therapist, etc, etc, etc and where you going to find a guy like that." Now I will say this guy is pretty attractive but I have no clue how old he'd be. I mean the other son looked 19ish but it is really weird, I can't judge people's ages now in their 30s & 40s. I can do the real young & the much older, but in between I have problems.

Well, we talked some more & he tells me Sam & Ella would love Night Crawlers, which I didn't know, so he got me some (I love fishing so they don't bother me!) and then got me some superworms. Now, I'm not too sure he wasn't being nice to me because he went in the back to get them when there were some in the front. Maybe newer in the back? And the price was like less than 1/2 what I get them for normally?

And why is it that this all happens when you don't look great...I swear! My hair dryer wouldn't work today (got it going tonight!) and so I just let it dry by itself & it is doing this weird curling thing as I get older....I have no idea why! I thanked him as I left & he says, "I'll be seeing you!" I was like...hmmm!

Think it was just a marketing thing...get the single women all jazzed up & they will come back? Well it worked! I'm driving & I'm like "where am I?" Ugh! How can men do that to you? See I mentioned this before, you guys drive us crazy too.

Well, I probably just misinterpretted it. Anyway, at least the names Sam & Ella still work for females! :-)

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