Monday, June 27, 2005

You Get What You Pay For Even In Education!

Here is one of the Problems!!!! If you look at this editorial today, they talk about the salaries of teachers & how many of them have to work other part-time jobs! They mention a salary with Masters & 15 years experience. Ok, I'm a college professors with 15 years experince & Masters plus almost 60 hours beyond that & I am not making anywhere near the avg salary they report! That should tell you something!!! UGH!!  

It is just horrible how we "honor and thank" teachers! These are the people who will have your children making higher salaries than them in the future, hopefully with that personal happiness as well. No wonder they leave the profession...and you know because it is the tax dollars those areas that need the best qualified teachers to help the students with the most need are not going to have them! How do we expect the problems in our society to improve?

How do we expect teachers to work all these hours & then have to go home after that part time job & grade papers & prepare for the next day AND be totally perky and inspiring in class...oh & then give your child individual attention!?! One can see why it might be more attractive to get a different job which pays more for less hours & you don't bring your work home with you!

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