Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Pac-Man!

No way is Pac-Man 25 Years Old! I'm not that old! Ha! Man the memories that come to mind...well I hate to admit them the Roller Rink! Well...that was the fun thing to do in the 70s! Besides one of my knees was already in trouble & I couldn't figure ice skate so the next best thing was roller skating. Unfortuantely, that does bring up the "big accident!" Ya...well long story short, private party for the graduates who were "regulars" there. I was knocked out for like 45 min & my lovely friends don't even get the owner! Cracked check & inner ear & well missed my all star softball game & couldn't do anything all summer...including BOYS! I mean what guy finds a girl with her eye swollen shut and bruised "HOT!" Ha! I spent the summer falling asleep to Harry Carey's voice! I try to blame my math problems (well beyond Stats & Advance Algebra) on this but I'm not quite sure if it is just do to this! :-)

I think I played Pac-Man & Space Invaders the most!

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Space Invaders

You can take a look at Pac-Man World 3  to see how times have changed!

Don't you think they should have old games like this somewhere at work so you could just "chill" for a bit! I mean I know we play games on our computer but just a mini arcade like a lounge...what do you think? Have some tables with board games too! I bet it would do wonders for morale! Maybe more people would not be road raging going home etc! Maybe we should have some little coffee arcades. All the old games for adults...can get your coffee, read some, play games ETC! Oh & you have to make sure to bring back the old 70s music too! Someone wants to start it let me know! :-)

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