Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot: Seeing Red

Well here is my entry for Monday's Photo Shoot: Red! I was out looking for clay pots...CHEAP....and I saw these red flags on the top of Menard's and thought... this is great, I don't have to look at home! I had my digital camera with me, since I have a new purse that has all kinds of pockets & one made just for it! :-) I take pictures of everything now! I may have to start leaving an hour early to go places! Ha!

The flags were really blowing as some clouds where visiting us, as you can see!  Well got some plants & fertilizer at Menards...wait wasn't I going for pots because I had plants with no pots? Ugh! I then headed to Lowes (well I metionined one so...) and found a few pots but need to still get a few! Still trying to get this little deck garden done so I can take pictures! HA!


rootbeerses said...

You are smart carrying your camera with you...  Maybe i need to carry a bigger purse.   It seems that i miss so many photo ops when i don't have the camera.    
Have a good night

dragonrose637 said...

Oh, I dont know what I would do if I didnt have the camera on my phone. My purse definatley can't hold a

ryanagi said...

Looks like a nice day! Love the puffy white clouds in the background. Nice shot!