Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot #3: Humiliate the Pets!

Ok, you have to enlarge these to see what Country & Dusty are looking at for pix 1-5 to understand why I selected these photos for the Monday Photo shoot #3! :-)

Pix 1-5:

How embarrassing! Neither of my babies made the Kitty Bachelorette Finals! She's a two-timer! My poor boys are heart-broken! This young lady came calling both my sweeties on one night!


"What do you mean you are breaking up with me for Dusty? I'm the man of the house! Baby, look at me...I eat well! I can get you some "good stuff!" Dusty may be more attractive with his long hair, and he may have claws but the boy doesnt know what to do with a mouse! He may be able to keep down tuna & real shrimp but that just means less for you! I'll give you mine! You do have something to trade though don't you? Hey, a man has to eat! Don't worry, little lady, I have my ways of taking care of him. He is a lightweight! I'll take him to the matt!


I told you sweetie the man is a bully! He'll be abusing you in 2 weeks! Why do you think he was declawed? Look how overweight he'll get nothing after he is done! The man is all brutt...he can't even hold his tuna & shrimp down! I heard you like older kitties...I'm a few years older than him! I'll give you your space too because I like mine! I don't like to brag but I'm considered a hero you know...saved the family from a raccoon once! That raccoon feared me with just my powerful look. I've also won many 1st place ribbons in a bunch of cat shows!

She was a tease...just letting them drool & then she moved on her way!

Pix 6:

Oh now why do you have to take pictures of me cleaning my tummy! Just tell them I'm doing a yoga position instead! That will help my reputation!

Pix 7:

Boy fresh warm clothes out of the dryer are so relaxing! Now just let me move this here & that there & it will be perfect....folded? Piles? They were like this when I got here!

Pix 8:

I don't know why so many people hate computers...they are sooo warm & relaxing! Just don't let anyone say I'm sleeping on the job!

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