Monday, June 27, 2005

Life According to "Hitch"

I just finished watching "Hitch" with both of my brothers & where do I start! UGH!!!!

Ok, first I liked Kevin James' character Albert! He was sweet & funny! Ok, so a bit of polish but you know you package so much & it is fake. As Kevin said in the special features interview, "you can only suck in your gut so much!" Ha! I totally agree.

What is with the 3 date rule? When was that determined? I don't remember reading that in my teen magazines or anything? Is this new & I'm just old? I asked my brothers & they are like "you didn't know that?" I'm like WHAT? This is crazy. I mean ya, you might know on even a first date if he is a total jerk, but the medium guys well it might take soem time. So what if it takes 5 dates or more! You are not always your best and everyone is worth another try if they are willing to. When I think back now...maybe some guys made the wrong assumption? UGH! Just ask if you like someone!

On the website they have the following "Dating Practices":

10. Tease her. It meant the same thing on the playground that it does now, "I Like You."

* Ok, now this depends. I'm sorry but teasing is not always great. I mean who likes to be made a fool of or have their flaws pointed out right away on your first dates. That is just rude.

9. Wear Cologne. Less is more here; its better if she has to lean in to smell it.

* I agree! Ahhh, the smell of men! Nothing like it! And I know what does it for me...Polo & Drakkar...ok I know they are old but what can I say, some guy must have been a great kisser to condition me so well with it. I can smell it 5 miles away! :-)

8. Leave your hat at home. Don't wear a baseball cap on a date, even if they did just win the World Series.

* I agree! I can't see your eyes when you do! And man what is with men's manners today. Men don't take their hats off entering homes, churches etc. It certainly will tell me a lot about a man!

7. Open doors, she will walk through & say "thanks." Any man who doesn't hold the door will be dealt with when they all go to the ladies room at the same time.

* YES! I love when men open doors for me or walk on the outside of me. At least offer! Also don't get offended if we do open it for you. Be gracious...we like to show you we like you too!

6. Pay for dinner, lunch or coffee. She has shoes & accessories to buy.

* Ugh! Now I don't agree with this totally! I like to pay sometimes. There are many men who use money to flaunt themselves. Why would a man want a women who is only attracted to  him because he has money? Ugh! Also some think they then deserve something for spending it! UGH! It is a power thing! I like power to be balanced or a bit more to me today & a bit more to you tomrrow. I think it tells one a great deal about how they feel a relationship should be. I'm not for any 90-10 thing!

5. Shave. Stubble hurts.

* Ok, again, hmmm, I like stubble sometimes! I like rough, outdoorsie looks! I like mustaches & beards. I will say I am starting to like gotees...never did before but they are "growing on me" now. Sorry...bad pun! And I didn't mean it literally, I am getting older but so far I still have enough Estrogen!

4. Be Cocky; but throw in a little self-deprecating humor once in a while.

* I don't like this either! Cockiness is not my thing...ok be careful with this one! I just mean who are you trying to be or what are you trying to prove? Be yourself. I don't expect "Superman!" I'll let you be Superman though later if you are not cocky & think you are! I love guys who think they know something about my area too...I let them hang themselves! See don't do that! Noone knows that much about anything....I don't & you certainly don't. Just relax & don't try to impress so much.

3. Crack jokes during sad movies. Women cry, and we remind them it's just a movie.

* Absolutely not! I remember going to see "Saving Private Ryan" with my sister. Remember the horrific beginning? Ok, I'm crying my eyes out & my sister turns to me & grabs me & says "Its just a movie" I was sooo upset with her! I replied quite LOUDLY, "I'm sure Stephen Speilberg wants me to think it is just a movie!" To me, if you crack jokes you are insensitive. You can't handle feeling the emotions. Movies are about laughing when something is funny & crying when something is sad. So later when I'm sad that my friend died or something are you going to crack jokes. I just don't agree with this & can't believe other women would want men to do this!

2. Your eyebrows should be bushier than hers, and you shouldn't be shaving anything other than your face unless you're an Olympic diver.

* Ha! They contradicte themselves because they have Albert getting his back waxed! Now I'm not saying I love hairy backs, and I don't care for the unibrow but it is funny because in my students text they have research that supports what they know call the "Leonardo DeCaprio Effect" or babyfaced clean men versus the hairy rugged ones I like. I think this just really depends. I would not mind a chest with no hair but I do like them...Tom Selleck...YUM!

1. Write Love Letters. Use a pen & a dictionary!

* Interesting this is #1! My mom still pulls out her old Valentine's Day cards from my dad & displays them during Valentines Day. I think she wishes he would write them now. That brings up another point...keep this all up throughout your relationship...that is why people seek out others or when someone does do these things for them it is attractive. It is a two way street! If you can make the time when you first start going out then you can later. Think of the message it sends "I don't have time to show you how much I love you now."

They also state 8/10 women say they can determine the who relationship from the first kiss. Ok, hmmm...well if the first kiss is totally aweful maybe. I mean ya, as they said you don't want to be gagging from his tongue down your throat on the first date. I'm just thinking of the times first kisses are when you may have been drinking etc. Heck, some people don't remember anything later. Why don't people just say "I like you" or "I'd really like to kiss you" Why soindirect. My brain hurts from trying to figure things out. You waste so much time! I don't mean to be rude or unromantic by any means. Heck there are some things men have said to me I'm still figuring out. Just ask or tell! What are you afraid of? I'm sure there are some things I'm still clueless. I know I don't notice guys noticing me. I remember even a few years ago my friend & my mom with me at Navy Pier & I was walking a bit ahead & they were like "Did you see that guy?" I thought they just saw a cute guy but they said, "He was totally checking you out!" I'm like Where? What guy? I had no clue. I don't notice guys attempts I guess because I expect them to just directly ask me. And also I think sometimes I think I'm no supermodel so why me & not the girl standing next to me...but then I don't like when guys don't think they are good enough for someone! If you don't think you are then you aren't in my opinion.

Then there is what Albert says to Hitch:

"You know what it's like getting up every morning? Feeling hopeless, feeling like the love of your life is waking up with the wrong man. But, at the same time hoping that she still finds happiness, even if it's never going to be with you. "

YES! So very true! It doesn't matter as long as he is happy! If he is not happy then whose fault is that. If he doesn't take the risk to is short! Life can be wonderful but you have to make it that way and each day is an opportunity you can either take or give up.

So what do you think?

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