Sunday, June 26, 2005

Dusty Look Alike Contest!

Ok this first picture I got in an email with a bunch of cats with cute sayings! I was totally surprised! It is Dusty! I mean it look just like my Dusty but it isn't him! Unless Dusty was sneaking out during the day when I was working & visiting some girlfriend & is ummm "exhausted" Hee Hee! Sorry no paternity suits will be considered since he was neutered at 6mo of age! I have proof! :-)

I have only seen 2 other cats like him in the 15 yrs he has lived! I wish I knew whose cat it is! It made me think of posting it here to see if anyone has a cat like this or knows of someone with a cat like Dusty! If you do, I'd love to communicate with you & compare notes!

So I'm launching the 1st Official  "Dusty Look-Alike Contest"! If you have a cat like Dusty post your own journal entry with photos & comments on their behavior, health etc then come back here & link it in the comment section. Everyone with a Look-Alike will be a winner in that you will make connections with people with a common love & be able to communicate with each other & learn about their health, longevity ETC!  

Dusty is all excited too! :-) He says if there are any available females out there to please list that in your profile! He says free fun with "no worries!" He is sooo bad! :-)

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