Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everyone Can Make a Difference!

Yesterday I stopped into a resale shop I had never been to. Remember I needed clay pots? They had some in the window!  I started to talk to one of the employees. She informed me that they were a small non-for-profit shop taking in donations. They use the money to help young pregnant teens in the south1side of Chicago. I thought how lovely an idea this is. So many people get wrapped up with one side or the other of this issue politically they forget none of this is helping the situation. They waste so much time & energy arguing which could be used in much better ways.

They have been open since the fall & their next phase is to provide training in work-skills & computers for the teens. Of course this got a "Oh Really?!" from me! I can't think of anything better to do, than empower young people who do not feel they have or deserve the power which is available to all of us when we are born! And I for one do believe that every child born on this planet was put here by God & has a purpose & a reason for being here... but that may just be me?!

I spoke to the owner a few minutes later & we exchanged business cards! She stated they wanted to give these girls options they did not think they had & I'm all for that. In my previous entry on Amusement Parks I mentioned did my internship in the Human Resource Department. I was the head of a program which hired at risk teens. They didn't have criminal records or anything because that would be an issue in hiring them but they were at-risk to have this type of future. I had one 19 yr old female had no children, all others were under 16 & had at least 1, many 2 children already! The males lived in areas with gangs etc & for these teens they did not see the hope. They thought why should I work so won't matter. Everyday you prayed all of them would be on the bus. It was very gratifying to think you can make a difference in their lives. I wish I knew what happened to them, even just making a difference in one life is worth all the time & energy. 

I did ask if it was affiliated with any particular religion. I'm spiritual but I'm not one to ram religion down people's throats & I would hope this idea of love & hope would be available for all. She told me anyone is welcome!

I wanted to post this wonderful place in hopes it may inspire someone to just try if you have an idea which you think may help and perhaps you might like to donate something to the cause or your time in training. Maybe it is a one time thing during the holidays or maybe more consistantly...whatever you can do! Perhaps we need a blog which just enters each day great services to people for awareness? Hmmm! :-)

The Find Resale Shoppe
Betsy Sims
15625 S. 94th Ave.
Orland Park, IL 60462


moltenhalo said...

Isn't it great when you find someone trying to help others instead of trying to get rich?  That's awesome that you took the time to try to help.  I liked your entry.

debussy0 said...

Wondering whether your read The Find Resale Shoppe's literature thoroughly?

Helping young, vulnerable pregnant teens is laudable and a wonderful goal. But ALL OPTIONS for a pregnancy --  including keeping the child, adoption AND abortion -- must be presented. Young women have a right to make fully informed decisions, whether the non-profit or not-for-profit funding organization counseling them agrees with those decisions or not.

From what I read last fall in their brochure, The Find advocates keeping the child or  adoption. That's great for those who want and are able to travel that route. But there was no discussion offered of any alternative, including abortion. That is one-sided and misleading, especially to teens who might not know the full spectrum of alternatives and their federal right to information about ALL those alternatives.

And why would they ask about your religious affiliation, period? Sounds like the pro-lifers have cloaked themselves in another guise without full disclosure.

No thanks. I like to know exactly WHAT my money and donations are funding up front and clear.

psychfun said...

Actually, I am aware & I am pro-choice...but that does mean this is an option or a choice. I don't mind they do not present the other options. I would not expect them to. In fact, many pro-choice are just "abortion" as an option & do not present keeping or adoption in fact, so your argument is not fair either.

I am in favor of ANY organization which supports any of the options. If teens go to The Find they have a choice made already, most likely they are seeking ways to keep their child rather than abortion already. If someone chooses an abortion they will not look for a place like The Find. This idea I do support...if some teen wants to keep their child or adoption, then these places are wonderful support for them.

You do need support for those who want to keep or give the gift of a child to someone else. It is the black or white perspective, for either side, which is the problem.

I see this like many other ideas, perhaps a War. Would I support any & all means to avoid a war, sure..but would I also support the war if needed...yes! And please do not take this as what I would choose to do personally, do not assume anything from any of this. I just live in a country which should be honoring all beliefs of all religions.

bradtoobad said...

This shop supports PASS "Pregnancy Assistance South Suburbs" which is a wonderful, faith based organization that actually provides pregant women with a choice Planned Parenthood doesn't - keep your baby.  What a novel and affirming idea.

However, your statement "And I for one do believe that every child born on this planet was put here by God & has a purpose & a reason for being here... " is actually a call to action.  It is difficult to feel that way but then sit back and let others kill those same children you feel has a God-given right and reason to exist.  

When my mom died in March we gave all of her furniture, clothes and other salable belongings to The Find Shop (in Orland Park) as we knew them to be wonderful, life-affirming people who care about these girls and not just the $500 their boyfriends gave them to get an abortion.  

Another alternative is The Women's Center located in Evergreen Park and another up north which also provides all the things (medical, financial, love, prayers, etc.) necessary to make a choice everyone can live with.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

psychfun said...

Your comment that is must be difficult to have my views on the purpose of children & then support "choice" is at times but this is what America is grounded with....the ability to believe different religions. I would not want someone forcing me to believe something that I do not believe. We would be back to many other countries, well still to this day, but certainly in the past.