Saturday, June 25, 2005

96 Degrees & Jon Bon Jovi Gets Me Hotter....Woo-Hoo!

My version of the above song...

Can't you see...
Ohhh...Can't you see...
What that man...he's been doin' to me...    ;-)

Ok, I think I remember why I always liked older men when I was younger! Is it just me or do men get more & more INCREDIBLY they get older! YUM!  ;-) My Biography came in the mail today & when I saw Jon Bon Jovi on the cover I nearly collapsed at the mailbox. Ok, so it was also 96 degrees outside...what was Biography thinking delivering such a hot cover on a day like this?! Ha!

And I was never a big Jon Bon Jovi fan before! I do like "Wanted Dead or Alive" though. I've liked him more recently acting & as he is looking older. Maybe it is the softness with the "bad boy" too! :-) I think the "bad boy" feeling is attractive because women would like to be bad sometimes! We have to be pretty & dainty all the time...what a bunch of crock!! And I loovvveee when men are just "boys!" Ha! I think sometimes women just "miss it" and need to get a grip! I mean so you just washed the floor & they tracked in mud on it! I'm sure there are things that you do that irritate him too!  

Now in the article his dad says "You tell him he can't do something, he'll prove to you, 'I can do it." I knew I liked this guy! I'm the same way! Now his brother says down deep he is still a good old boy! That may be it! He is got some "bad boy" but he is still a sweet family man. Even Al Gore is quoted as saying he is a down to earth, family, community person. Now Richie Sambora says he thinks Jon will win an Oscar & then become President & then he'll make Richie VP! Ha! Now wouldn't that be a hoot!

You may be able to see that Jon has a tatoo on his arm...anyone know what it is? :-) Quite interesting!

P.S. He is actually only 3 years older than me but I mean "this age range" I guess!

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