Friday, June 24, 2005

Monday Photo: Sentimental Gifts

Ok, here is my Sentimental Gifts Entry John! I thought of 2 - 1 I received & 1 I recently gave!

One of the most cherished gifts I have is my maternal grandmother's wallet full of her important information & pictures (above). My grandfather gave it to me a few months after she had passed away. You can read about how special my grandmother was to me in my Mother's Day journal. I remember this wallet fondly from our trips downtown in Chicago shopping. In fact, I remember many items she had in her purse: gum, a crocheted hankie, wet wipes, a little plastic container with one of those plastic folded rain hats/scarfs, her RED lipstick (women always at least have lipstick on!), a Babushka (head scarf), some small piece of candy (she was a diabetic), keys...that is all I can think of right now.


Now the picture above is what I just made my dad & brother for Father's Day (I know I'll get my Tribute up soon!) I got these tumblers at Starbucks! You can put your own pictures in them! While I have had them for quite some time, I was up until 4:30am getting them ready! I'm sure just like my dad putting my toys together the night before Christmas! In fact, my mom says she thinks my dad just wanted to play with them first! HA! The left one you may be able to see two pictures that look similar! The top one is my dad holding me & then if you go a bit lower to the right there is a picture of him holding his granddaughter the same way! I just loved that when I found it! I wanted to show everyone at 3am! Ha! I told them both it was just an example & they can put the pictures they want or change them...I would not be offended. My mom commented the picture I found of her was the one my dad carried in his wallet when they dated. It is the one on the lower right you can see that is black & white. My brother's, I did just of his daughers or of him with them.

They seemed to like them but then today I saw they were both in the cabinet & I thought "hmmm". Then my brother was leaving to bring his daughter's back to their mom (divorced) & he came in the kitchen from being already in the car & I saw him go to the cabinet & get it! I felt sooo soooo happy! :-) I thought the response I was getting is that everyone now wanted one! I had actually bought 1 for me & then it turned into giving it away & then getting another....I'll probably eventually get one after everyone else but that is ok. Maybe I'll make these for Christmas gifts? With all the pictures being sent via email, I should be able to for friends & family. Maybe Starbucks will give me a bulk rate? :-)

There was one other item I wanted to include here initially but I can't find it, which is really upsetting me. If I find it I'll add it!

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