Sunday, June 5, 2005

Fish Heads, Rednecks, Family & Signs

HA! Well I thought I had delayed cleaning & organizing long enough & I had called my mom & said I thought I'd come visit her tomorrow since I would be in the area rather than today & use today to "get things done", so I had to get something accomplished! I figured if I have to do this "dreaded task" I would help myself with some humor & put on my AOL Comedy Corner at the risk of associating the negative cleaning attitude with the humor! HA!

Well, "Fish Heads"  (Audio)comes on! I just shook my head & started to laugh! You see when I was in college I had this English Professor my freshman year. I'll say she was "strange" with great risk since I'm a psychology professor myself! HA! I remember she wore her flip flops with socks. Ok, now what is the point of wearing flip flops?? Giving your feet some AIR!!!! She also wore her Keds walking on the backs of them...if you want to wear flip flops then wear them! Maybe she is the one who created those gym shoes without backs now? She left teaching & made millions! Ha! Now if only I could come up with something! Hmmm! Well one day we are in class & she suddenly breaks into song singing "Fish Heads". All of us were looking at each other - you know when you roll your eyes & your head doesn't move! She was shocked that we did not know the song so the next class day she brought in the lyrics & we all had to learn them & sing the song! I'm sure my father would be happy to know his hard earned money he spent to educate me was being spent this way! Ha! Now think of this...I remember the "Fish Heads" song from what over 20 yrs ago but what do I remember about English? HMMM! Well you be the judge reading my blogs! Ha!

Next came on Cledus T. Judd! Ha! They had on his "The First Rednecks on the Internet". Funny! I love his "My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy". I also like Jeff Foxworthy! Nothing like starting the morning laughing! I love his "You Might Be A Redneck" routine! And his "Nasa & Alabama & Fishing Stories" is a hoot! Of course I do use his stuff in class for stereotypes. Is it ok for him to make jokes about "Rednecks?" Is it ok for me to tell a blonde joke just because I'm blonde (well with a bit more help now!)? I love his stuff on his family, (wife, his girls & parents) & especially their trip to Hawaii! Man, side hurting laughter! I didn't care so much for the roast they recently did for Jeff. Now I'm not an angel or anything but it was very raunchy & just went over the line for me. If you look at Jeff's face he wasn't too happy either. Jeff was great & he didn't have to be like them. Now I do like some of Bill Engvall's stuff. I love his "Here's Your Sign" routine! My friends & I find new ones! Ha! They just played his "When Did Shrapnel Become a Fashion Accessory? " Ha! "Some have decided to landscape the private area which make me look like a dog hearing a whistle they can only hear!" :-)  Larry the Cable Guy makes me laugh too. On the Blue Collar comedy Website he says, "my buddy lives in a real bad neighborhood & he said, 'You want to watch cops?' and I said yes and we went and sat on the front porch & it is was a repeat - figure that out!" Ha! Of the 4 guys Ron White is my least favorite, probably because I don't like to promote drinking but he can get me laughing every so often. His "Plane Crash" is not too bad.

They just played Julia Sweeney's stuff on her mom. She & I have the same mothers with combining 3 items in a sentence with some bad news in between. Ha! Some say it is a "loose association" and like that is a bad thing! Ha! I think it is a strong & complex neural network! Is that a great rationalization! Ha! Seriously, that is what makes for great creativity & why manyare comedians! The person I think who has the most incredible neural network is Robin Williams! Man! I swear one day we will see smoke coming from his ears! That brain just goes wild! He amazes me. Can you imagine him in school? Wow! And Steven Wright is just so funny! He just sees life so different! Speaking of "odd" ha...Emo Philips, he is pretty funny. More than I thought he would be. "College, the Best 6 Years of My Life".

Some recent comedians I've  heard on AOL are John Pinette. He  is funny! His "Las Vegas: All You Can Eat" is so funny! Also Jasper Carret's Magazine routine is so funny! How he talks about what they tell women in Cosmo etc...ha! And guys needing to "check themselves too" Ha! Like that is a players are quite "up to date!" Ha!  Mary Ellen Hooper is funny too with her "First Date: Dinner & A Movie"

Ahhh some classics on now... Eddie Murphy's "Ice Cream Man" is on now...Ha!  Of course the "golden oldies" are great too! Hope & Crosby are always great for a laugh! Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner's are funny too. Oh & man I loved watching Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis shows when I was a kid.

Well need to work a bit more...I'll add a bit if there is some good ones later!

What comedians make you laugh?

I have to add some from tonight...

"The 4 Guys doing 'Here's Your Sign'"

"I was flying a kite with my daughter & a guy comes up & asks 'Flying a Kite?'...NOPE...we're fishing for birds!"

"A Rig got stuck under an overpass & a guy asks, 'Get your Rig stuck?' NOPE I was delivering to the overpass & I ran out of gas!"

And Bill isn't immune!

"Coming out of mall seeing a guy with a hanger through a window. Without being able to stop himself "Lock your keys in your car?" NOPE, just washed my car & hanging it up to dry!"


Southern Accent is not the most intelligent accent!

Southern Financial Advisors have a hard time, no one wants to trust there money who talks like this...

Now the key is to diversify with your what we are goin' do is take 1/2 your money & put it in a mayonaise jar & bury it in the backyard & then take the other 1/2 & go to the dog track & bet on the horse that before the race does his business."

I love southern words:

* Usetacould ...can you dance? I usetacould...give me a minute and I mightcould again.
* Inthere - I wouldn't go "inthere" if I was you all (referring to the bathroom)
* youins - you all plus 3
* Sensuus - I told my wife Sensuus up get me a beer

More Bill Engvall...

His son just destroys his daughter's $35 Barbie...says I think they should make more realistic Barbies now...

They should make "White Trash Barbie"...the Corvette is up on blocks...Ken comes home grabs a beer & falls into the recliner...he has an old beer gut now...says 'whats for dinner pumkin?' Barbie says, 'I thought we'd have fish sticks darlin', Ken says, 'What is it our anniversary already?' Every so often the cops show up because Ken got all out of hand & is messing with Barbie...they take him off in little Ken cuffs. Ken yells to Barbie as they are taking him away 'I know you are doing it with G.I. Joe!"
HA! Now that is funny!


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