Tuesday, June 21, 2005

And the Summer Begins With A Free Concert! YES!

And the summer Begins! YES!

You never know what the potential of a day will bring about! I was just settling down from a lovely Father's Day (later entry!) and my sister-in-law (ex) calls & says she has tickets to the Don Henley/Stevie Nicks concert. She got them free from attending a Toby Keith concert...funny!

So my niece, her dad & I headed to see an AWESOME free concert! I thought I smelled some Ben Gay in the air, but then again it could have just been me! Ha! I was surprised to find out my 14 yr old niece not only knew but liked Stevie Nicks! Well parents do influence their kids even in music so.... Thank God! Makes it easier to go to concerts! I told her I would check the rest of the summer venues & see if there were some other concerts we can attend.

My mom is soooo funny...she said I thought you were tired, I'm like...HELLO! You don't pass up a free concert & talk about the energy you get! Yep, I was so high when I finally did get home...and no I'm don't mean by artificial means...it was p..r..e..t..t..y tame there! In fact all the "non teenage attenders" (better than saying "Old Folks") were so upset that those standing & dancing were blocking their view, because they were not about to stand the whole time! Ha!

The concert was great! Sometimes you really chance it & they don't sound as good today but they both were still great! Ahhh now my summer can get into high speed...as I get ready to go to Physical Therapy...ugh! HA!

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