Thursday, June 16, 2005

"I Like to Move It, Move It"...Madagascar Movie!


My two nieces & I met my sister to see the "Madagascar" movie tonight (technically last night!)! It was hysterical! My youngest niece was on the edge of her seat laughing & singing "I Like to Move It, Move It" much to her older sister's delight (sarcasm here!) She was singing it all the way home & when we got to grandma & grandpa's! Go to the Video link on the top of the website & you can watch the clips which includes this song! 

I love David Schwimmer as the Giraffe! Remember my Giraffe story in a previous journal entry? He was hysterical! And the King Lemur is AWESOME! They really didn't advertise it but I just read on the website the voice was by Sacha Baron Cohen, most would know him as Ali G...finally some "RESPECK" by playing the King Lemur! :-) The website says he gave the 2004 Harvard Commencement address! HA! I would have loved to hear that, especially in light of its president's recent troubles!

There are soooo many lines which can be used later! I love the Monkeys too! I love the one with the cans & smelling his own armpit! Ha!  It is more for adults again like Shrek etc as young kids may not get all the significance out of the songs like "Born Free", "Staying Alive", and the National Geographic Theme. There was one slam on the elderly I didn't like...not the drug thing in Canada something else but I can't remember right now.

My niece already asked for the Soundtrack (you can listen to tracks!) for her birthday which is 3 weeks away. I think the DVD will be on the Christmas List. I'm dancing in my chair right now to "I Like to Move It, Move It!" I'm thinking singing this song would be a great way to get kids "to move it, move it" when they don't want to! Ha! Then again they may sing it to their parents when they don't want to! Ha!

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