Sunday, June 5, 2005

Teach Your Children

"How Wonderful Life is...while you're in the world!" Perfect words by Elton John's "Your Song" to be listening to while doing this particular entry!

I received this interesting powerpoint today (below) & it is pretty good! Take a look - it is from Neale Donald Walsh who I met at the Celebrate Your Life Conference several years ago. There were some people at the conference who I am not a big fan of - many of the psychics or past lives type of people, but I keep an open yet critical thinking mind to them. Remember that doesn't mean you have to agree, you listen to see what they believe & then you decide! This is the conference were I also met Dr. Wayne Dyer and Sark. Dr. Dyer has been very lovely to me, even sending me some gifts. I give his little book "10 Secrets to Success & Inner Peace" out as gifts to my family & friends. Sark was AWESOME! I have read all her books for many years now & when we were taking a picture the best thing happened. For some reason, just for me, she said "Wait!" and she grabbed a "reserved" sign off a chair in the front row. She edited it with a "NOT" and then held it in front of us to take a picture! It always intriqued me of why me? Why not the person in front of me or behind me? I love it & she let me keep the sign!

Well when you go to Neale's website read his bio! His life has been quite a journey! Now when you go through the powerpoint I'd be interested to hear what you think. I didn't quite agree with everything. In fact, I just finished writing him a letter.

Note: This is about God so if you don't believe in God or happen to disagree with this view of God that is fine! As you see below I didn't even agree with everything.

*  "Nothing your are required to do for a life of dignity"...I do agree you were put on this planet for a reason & you are loved just for being here but I believe you are required to fulfill that reason you were put here. His statement almost implies this is not necessary to reach your potential, to give of your gifts God gave you to share & help the world with while you are here.

* He
also mention that failure is fiction and that trying was a success. When I grew up my parents told me the only failure was when you did not try. You did not live up to your potential which God made you for. If you got an A but you didn't learn anything that was not something to really be proud of. If you got a 40% F but you learned 40% you did not know before & you did your very best that was cause for a celebration! I remember Dr. Dyer stating a passage from "Death of Ivan Illych" by Tolstoy, "What if my whole life was really wrong?" How can it be wrong but to not have done what God intended for you to do & the only way to do this is to learn from mistakes & "failure" and continuously improve. Yes, one can say a failure maybe is "it didn't turn out as I liked & I did my best" and that this isn't a failure yet but to not even try or to try but not try your best is? In this he also say you do not have to change anything or “get better”…again I think I know he means - God loves you period but God certainly wants you to continuously improve and reach your full potential as his intent on creating you.

Another point he mentioned God will not Judge you & that you do not have to "get it right"...I do understand what he might mean by this but to teach a child this in today's society is to say, "just try, you don't have to get it right" will lead them to not try or even attempt to do their best. You do have to get it right or close or you may be fired or not get the grades which then gets you in college & then a job (hopefully life mission!) As a teacher myself at the college level my students will just do "a little" if they did not have the thought that they "could" get it right, that they could do superior work just as much as anyone else say at Harvard or be the next Oprah or whatever. To teach them they will not be judged is false...they will be judged by teachers & others but how to deal with it or ground it is the important part. Yes, God loves you as you are & but we all know the world is fill with people who judge in a wrong way...this we have to teach children how to deal with through God.

*  He
says God will not condemn anyone. How do he wrestle with a Hitler, Osma Bin Laden etc & explain this to a child. Why should they behave in a loving and socially appropriate manner if it doesn't matter, I will not be judged by God or condemned. If I do wrong then who cares.

Toward the end he mentions to teach "not" with words but through your actions. I would more agree if you said "not JUST with your words" For example in his own bio he states how his mom "told him" that she didn't need to go to church that GOD is everywhere (which I happen to agree!) so he didn't understand with her actions so she had to tell him. See both are important. Sometimes one more than the other. His thought that actions should match words I do agree, but it is confusing on the powerpoint.

Well, what do you think?

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