Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Summer Beauty

Oh I just had to stop on my way home yesterday & take some pictures! It was so hot that the Sea Gulls were wading in the little pond with the Great Egrets.

I was trying to get their pictures, but my zoom wasn't good enough so I just took some other pictures of the day's beauty. I saw a turtle but he was too fast for me & I almost fell in the water! Ha! I can just imagine explaining this to the cop scanning the area! At least he/she would have a funny story for the day.

I couldn't believe I happened to see the caterpillar. I may stop by & see if it stayed there to cocoon. The big dragonflies I wasn't able to catch, but then I noticed these little blue ones. You can barely see them on the picture. When they were flying you could see their wings, but when they were sucking the necter they collapsed their wings. I'll try again later.

This is what summer is about guys...make sure to look for & actually see the summer beauty! Take some spontaneous trips or stops & enjoy it all!

If you do, from this point on log your own & then come back here & add it in the comments & we'll share!

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