Monday, June 20, 2005

The "Little Women" at ?


Stacy Schiff's editorial in June 18th's NY Times entitled,  "Our Little Women Problem" is quite interesting!

She asked her husband if the "working woman" thing could actually be mastered. Her husband said if both parents know how to make breakfast & if women had father's who listened to them." Interesting!

Later in the editorial she states...

"John Munder Ross, clinical professor of medical psychology at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, is among those who have argued that for the Jos in this world to manage work and love, they need fathers who teach them to think - and to think that they deserve to marry their equals. "

VERY interesting! Now I think those two may need to go hand in hand because not all men want women to think! Well maybe it is just at times! Ha! But really, it comes to the idea of what you feel about stereotypic roles. If you feel you are "the man" and are dominant & "the boss" in the relationship then it only makes sense you would not want your wife to think, thus a woman would need someone who does understand the idea of being equal, the benefits & he actually desires it. I've had many female students who have told me they had to withdrawal because their husband told them too. They didn't want them getting too smart & then thinking they were not good enough & leaving them. It is like nails on a blackbaord to me! Perhaps you can now understand the sarcasm in my journal title in fact! :-)

The next point gets to the idea of finding an equal! Hmmm! The first thing one has to think about is "equal in what?" Education level, economic earning, intellectual pursuits (Intellectual area is not always same as level), job status, type of job? So many! For many this makes a difference. You can be equals in some of these but not all. Does it have to be all? It is amazing how many men just stop talking to me when they find out my education background! Such a shame. Their loss! I figure if they let that be a problem then it is their problem. Well most times. It is sad that you miss an opportunity to see! What an assumption!

Her next point of whether the dual role or single work role lives up to one's expectations is interesting as well. Joan Lunden in fact is on the covers again. At age 56 yrs & after raising 3 daughters & having twins a few years ago (surogate!) she is bringing another set of twins into the family. She worked for 17 years on "Good Morning America". Of course she has a younger husband but it does raise an interesting issue.

What do you all think?

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