Monday, June 13, 2005

Amuzing Pet Tales

Well here is some of my pets amusing tales

My older niece wanted a stuffed dog from Build-A-Bear and so for her birthday she was supplied with a dog house, leash, and other accessories. Dusty decided a house for a stuffed dog just was ridiculous and evicted it & took up residence! Everyone thought he was so cute! When Dusty visits it is one of his favorite spots to show he is "the king". 

I think I have also described in the past how Dusty got up into the fireplace & my folks closed the flumes & a bit litter heard some meowing! I was sleeping & was awoken with a smelling cat (not Phoebe's!) to bathe! Ugh!

When Dusty was a kitten he would sleep with me either above my head or on the pillow next to me near the wall. One morning he was up before me. I don't know what made me do it, I mean I never suspected he would be in trouble by the noise, but I opened one eye to find him hanging himself with the cord from the blinds. He was hanging between the bed & the dresser. I'm quite sure it just happened as I was hearing him prior to that walking on the dresser. I just took my hand & popped him up. From that moment on, the cord was flipped on the top of the blinds! I teased him on using up one of his 9 lives so early in life may not be wise!

Dusty nearly attacked a raccoon in my folks house. He was lying on my folks bed sleeping soundly with my mom watching tv & he bolted off the bed & walked slowly, low to the ground, with his tail low. My mom knew something was "strange." She found him staring down a raccoon which was on the railing of the spiral staircase to the basement. We think he got in through the basement fireplace. Mom was so freaked she called my dad at work to call the police. She was trying to grab Dusty knowing if the raccoon got him he would be in big trouble & I would not be in good shape myself then. The police came & the way my mom tells it is just hysterical. He says, "show me where it is." She said, "you go first!" Ha! Then when he did get it (it didn't move!) he asked her if she wanted him to just let it loose outside. She looked at him like he was on drugs! She was like "H$#% No! take it somewhere else! " He did! So Dusty was the Hero here staring down the raccoon & protecting house & home! :-) He used his wits & didn't have to attack! His Karate Master would be so proud! HA! Do you gain lives for heroism? Needless to say, mom spoiled him with shrimp that night! Who needs a guard dog!

Dusty is always amusing when he catches mice at my folks. They have a ranch & other than the basement, they have only 1 room which is like a 1/2 step down. He is smart enough to take the mouse in that room to contain them. They don't jump, which I hear they can do quite amazingly. He usually plays with them! Suffocates them to death & then when they don't move he tries to push them with his paw to get them to move so he can chase them more. I'm not sure who is more amusing, him or me chasing him with two Tupperware bowls yelling at him to let it go so, I can catch it & put it outside! My folks even know the "Dusty, let him go!" chant! We usually have a warning, he sits in the kitchen & doesn't move for hours! He is actually a better mouse catcher than my dad's traps! Of course this always seems to happen about 2am! He gets very upset with me that I take his toy away from him! One day he actually headed in the basement & in a matter of an hour & a half he brought up 4 mice! What a superb hunter he is! :-) I think that is his all time high!

Dusty also liked to go fishing! Fresh is always the best so one day I had my fish in a bowl on the counter as I cleaned out the tank...came back & every one of them gone! I was amazed he caught them all.

Now John said noone hurt... but this is amusing also in a way. I had Dusty at the Vet & the vet seemed to get his shot either right in a a nerve or his bone because he wailed like I never heard him before! I saw he was going to go after Dr. Fleming... well he was going to the source causing the pain right? Now Dr. Fleming is amazing! He has been Dusty's doc. since he was less than a year so about 14 yrs now. Dr. Fleming use to come to the house but now just for those who need him to. Dr. Fleming is so laid back, has a long ponytail and has such a big heart! My older niece is actually going to spend some time with him this summer. He invited her to get the "behind the scenes" look a few years ago when she was older. She is so excited because she wants to be a horse vet. So I pushed Dusty's butt the opposite, so his head would not get to Dr. Fleming & he then turned & got me! UGH! Well at least he did not get Dr. Fleming, because let me tell you the pain was horrific! He actually got me pretty bad & held on. Luckily between my two fingers of my hand & then a bit on the top of my thumb & next finger. I don't know if you know this but Cat bites are much worse, as far as infection, than dog bites. With dogs one bleeds out but cats they are punctures so it stays in. Even with getting me on antibiotics right away I had no knuckle lines by the next day. Had to draw a line on my hand to watch the progress. Luckily I had just saw a show on Emergency Vets where I women almost lost her hand so I took it very seriously. (BTW I love Dr. Fitzgerald & Dr. Taylor! Did you know Fitzgerald worked for the Rolling Stones & is a great comedian!) Well to me it is so funny because Dr. Fleming was like "oh it is no problem, we get bit from time to time." Here I am trying to save him, I get hurt & he says it is no big deal! I tried! Well another "Life scar" to explain when dating! Ha!

I already mentioned Sam freaking me out in my recent entry on Sam & Ella. Still got to get a bigger tank! And I also mentioned some of Rugby's goofy attacking the rug, visiting McDonalds & our principal's office. I do remember bringing him home from the vet one time & he wasn't quite awake yet. He was standing next time, I was sitting on the floor & he litter fell over sideways! Dusty has walked totally drunk at times too.

It was pathetically funny when I would be coming home from MS & coming down the escalator in the airport my mom would yell "Dusty" grab his cage & start walking...I'm like "Hi Mom!" Ha! Oh & speaking of airports...I hate to admit this but I did travel with my hermit crabs in the pocket of my coat! Ha! They would go through the metal detector with me. This is 1995 so pre 9/11! 

Dusty also looks so funny when he plays with the plastic caps off hairspray bottles. He carries it & it looks like he has a cap on his nose.

Hmm...if I think of more I'll add it later!

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