Thursday, June 2, 2005

Addicted To Squish!

Ok, now I'm addicted to Squish! Thanks John! The only thing better is to get all your family & friends addicted! :-) So I just emailed all of them! Grandma & my nieces love to knock out my brothers high scores! Ha! Chelsea even knows how to clear all the names! Smart girl! Beauty & brains...wonder where she gets that from! ;-)

I'm suppose to be in bed since I'm meeting someone for lunch about 2 hours away! Ugh! Last two nights the "kids" (probably big kids!) are having fun ringing all the door bells in the neighborhood. Last night midnight, tonight 1am! Called the cops again & they were sending someone again. The guy upstairs said there were 6 of them! He chased them with his paintball gun! Great! They'll probably think it is real & call the cops on him! I told the cops he had it & not to be afraid. I would just freak if they shot him thinking it was real & it isn't! What do you think 2am tomorrow? Maybe I should wait by the door! Well I'd probably scare them! Ha! Let see I can put my mud mask on & jammies with my hair up...that should do the trick for some teen guys! HA! Might scare them for life though! Hmmm I don't want to be responsible for them not going near women for years! Ha! And the summer is just beginning ugh! We have had our mailboxes dented with baseball bats, egged & trucks drive through the grass between the buildings...and this is a nice area..really! Just teens who have way too much time on their hands! The SRs must be out of school & have nothing to do until they leave for college! Ha! Well they are "in training!" Ha! Ahhh the memories...I remember the squirt gun guys so fondly! Thankfully they never went after me though! Then they would have me chasing them....boy they were kinda stupid come to think of it! Ha!
Well off to dreamland! Hopefully! Hope you don't get addicted to Squish & if you have teens pulling some creative pranks I'd love to hear them! 

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