Thursday, June 9, 2005

Weekend Asgn #58: Mothers & Children

Well, just starting to get I thought I would add one more blog! This is a bit late but I think worth adding. John ask us to post our favorite pix of our mom so I thought I'd add one. This is me when I was a "wee one!" My guess is she is pregnant with my sister since we are 2 years apart. Then a year & 6 days after my sister was born my brother came along. Thankfully they took a break for 3 years to have their last - another brother. I don't know how she did it...3 yr old, 1 yr old & a brand new baby! YIPES! I don't think I could! I know I went to Grandma's for long weekends which was great! Grandma (maternal) had a beauty shop in her basement! I would wake up hearing "the ladies" laughing! They'd be down there watching & gossiping about their soaps. I'd come down in my jammies & they would all be happy to see me. I still remember Josie & Rosie! Ha! Some worked with my grandma at National Biscuit. My grandpa worked there & the machine grabbed his pants & off they came...unfortunately back then when it was hot...they didn't wear underwear! Word spread fast that "Johnnie" was naked! HA! One lady worked at Wrigley & would bring me a bag filled with gum. Grandma would take me downtown Chicago on the buses & we'd go shopping & have lunch. At one bus stop we'd stop in the candy store & she'd get her chocolate covered raisins & chocolate stars. We had lunch at Woolworths when they had those metal cup holders with the paper cylinder cool! I remember the Christmas windows were so Beautiful. They just don't come anywhere near what they use to be!

Well my mom was an only child so she wanted 6 children & got close. Mom was a stay-at-home mom. She did have a computer store with my aunt when I was in high school before all the Eggheads & Babbages came to town.  She is a hoot & so much fun! My shopping & craft show buddy! So see you can blame her! HA! I'm amazed we didn't drive her crazy! Well at least the boys! :-) Lets see...the boys spit like 100 spit balls on the ceiling of their room, they threw darts & missed & put tons of holes in their bedroom blinds, one put milk in his fish tank because he thought the fishies were thirsty, she broke her hand hitting my dresser when she thought my sister & I were fighting & we were just joking (oops!), the boys tried to cut down some trees once & then started a fire in our front yard woods with some fireworks & I told them they would! HA! Oh then there was the time my sister almost dropped me down the laundry shoot...ya the story is different depending on who you ask, but I did "cook" mixing Tide, Downey & whatever else I found on the laundry room floor. Well, if you think about it...where was mom...I should not have been able to get into that! Can I blame my math problems on that? Maybe I did eat some? HA! God knows all the injuries we 4 have had haven't been fun. The best is when my mom made my sister & I bathing suits. We picked out our material. Well I picked out Tericloth...yep...she made it & I went in the pool & the whole thing came off! UGH! I would say 7 or 8 yrs old? No not older! :-) Of course there was the time I asked if I could go swimming & she said no because my bathing suit was wet and so I went naked! Ha! Well that doesn't make a whole lot of sense now does it? Not bad considering what other kids do, but still!

Extra Credit: Fun Trivia about my mom..

She dreams fashion designs! That is what she wanted to do. She can see the dresses in detail. The Home Ec. teacher in High School would pull her in to show the students what she was wearing. They also used her hands for a picture in her yearbook. She had them on piano keys. She was the one squealing the tires in our grammar school parking lot with her purple convertible challenger! Now she does it in her convertible Seabring! She is the one that started the infamous "tator tot" fight the night dad had a meeting! She not only started the fire in our old house (well she came to break up our fight...oops!) but she put it out herself! OH! She is the one that told my dad & all the guys he was with on base at Fort Hood that President Kennedy was shot! She was watching on tv. They didn't believe her & laughed but then the alarms went off! She just had cataract & cornea transplant on an eye last week but so far is doing ok! Thank God!  

I'll try to add some more pictures later!

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