Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Adult or Kid?

Well John, I like your audio response to if you could choose, whether you'd prefer to be an adult or kid! You know I think my answer can be found in my childhood! Find me at a family party...where was I? At the table with all the adults! Listening to them & asking questions! Not annoying ones that kids ask but questions which really engaged the adults. Now I'm a first born sooo... Of course my Uncle Ken was always there too! Well all the ladies were usually at the kitchen table & he had to come and raze all of them! He is a hoot! That man! He loves to play pranks! Calls my dad's office & tells the receptionist he is the "Reverend 'Last Name'" and then says, "Oh ya, I can get there in 5 minutes I have a flashing light Cross I put on top of my car!" Ugh! He is sooo much fun! Bugs the heck out of me though too about getting married etc but he loves me sooo...

My professor who taught Consciousness Psychology even told me on a paper that I was too much in the adult world when I was a kid because I didn't have an imaginary friend. I'm like, does everyone have one? That is an interesting question to ask everyone! I don't remember my friends saying they had one....did any of you? You know, come to think of it, this particular professor was quite cool but when he lectured on drugs, we all thought it just might have been from personal experience! Ha!

I think I'd have to choose adulthood also John for the following reasons:

* Driving! I remember when we moved to the house my folks are in now. I was 13 yrs old & it was too far to walk or ride my bike to my friends & I couldn't drive. Driving gives you so much independence. It is sooo hard for elderly after they can't drive anymore! Heck when I couldn't because of my foot injury, I almost went nuts!

* Kissing...wait that might be first! ;-) You know now there is another interesting question...your first kiss! Hmmm! Or first boyfriend/girlfriend! I still remember my first heartbreak! 13 yrs old...well I didn't look 13! It was a friend of a kid whose dad ran a open gym. Well "the kid" told me he liked me & so he wasn't going to bring his friend anymore! Told me I should get over him & see him. I waited at the door for I think a month (once a week it was). Just hurt so bad!  Ok, so kissing alone is enough to choose Adulthood! :-) Well of course that would lead into a further discussion & I think that would just solidify the choice! ! ;-) You guys think women drive you crazy...HA!

* Perhaps asking someone out now is easier also! I mean in a way it is difficult especially at my age, but think back to high school, maybe even was a whole ordeal to find out if someone liked you & risking to ask...I don't know, maybe people still have this problem but I think as I get older I'm more & more direct. "Want to go out?" Ok either way! I also think the whole "show" of it is different. Not that I don't like getting flowers & someone making me feel special, and I was quite direct with questions then, but now I ask the important things first & if that isn't there then "next up!" Ha! Then it was just about dating for dating sake maybe and for some "who you were dating". Ugh! I just didn't get into that! Some of my friends felt it was important to always be with a guy and it matter who he was. I just never did.

* I'd think many might pick "no school" but I'm a professor & probably because I love learning so much! I love school! I love tests! Ha! I still take classes! I will say it is different taking it just for learning rather than you "have to" though.  

* Getting a Pet! Man, I want a pet I can just get one! Isn't that great! But then again I certainly think about the responsibility of it different today.

* Having more money & spending it the way I want! Not that I couldn't ask my parents for something reasonable & they wouldn't get it, but it is just different now, although I think we don't get as much for the $ today.

* Feeling it is ok to be "me" and others don't have to like it. Now, I'm not sure we always feel totally ok with that at all times of our lives and about all things, but in comparison to when we are kids, it is much better. We worry so much on what others think. What we wear, our hair, who is the cool group. I have a 14 yr old niece right now & just thinking about what her concerns are, I am so glad I don't have to worry about that. Now, I won't say some people don't try to still make us feel that way.  I think the older I become I worry less. I don't care if others pass me on the road, andI wouldn't say I don't care what I look like when I go out, but let me tell you, if I needed toilet paper or I was sick & had to go get some medicine...I wouldn't care! Heck I just scared the UPS guy this week! Well he came early in the morning! Look at this time on this entry! Did I care? It wasn't that crucial! Ha! My niece puts make-up on "just in case she has to go out!" Ha!

* Now thinking of my soon to be 8 yr old niece, I think she really enjoys being a kid! The only reason I think she would say she wants to be an adult is to get married! Ha! She is in love with my cousin who is 26 yrs old! Ha! Actually, if he wasn't related to me...let me tell you she does have wonderful taste! Actually he is in Hollywood for over a year now being an "extra" in MANY tv shows & movies! Now her father (my brother) was engaged to my friend's sister when he was 5 yrs old, so she must have gotten his genes! He gave this  girl 3 engagement rings & cried one day because my folks would not take him to the mall. They finally asked why & he sobbed uncontrollably, "Because I have to get my tuxedo for my wedding!" Ha! He still loves to be in love & be romantic! I will say, he is very romantic!

You know I think I will ask both my nieces tomorrow & add an entry!

Now what would I like from Childhood to use in Adulthood though...

* I think we forget to play games...when is the last time you played "Hide & Seek", "Kick the Can", just layed on the grass & watched the clouds during the summer, played with toys in the tub? Ok, if you have kids maybe you play "Candyland" etc with them but get some adults to just play with you! Ha! I love going down the slides with my niece & swinging on swings! I remember my oldest niece & I just rolled down the hill once when she was about 7 yrs old...remember doing that?

* I think the "sense of time" issue! When you are a kid you think adulthood & "being old" is sooo far away & life is just so long or even really never ending. I think I could use going back to that viewpoint to some degree. It seemed so long to the end of the week. My little niece is just starting to get the idea of a week. She still gets surprised that her birthday is in 3 weeks! We had all the time in the world then. You didn't feel like you had a huge "To Do List" that never ended & was not going to get done in the time frame you needed it to. You had this HUGE sense of potential for your future. You were going to solve all of the world's problems! You were going to make a big impact on the world. Now don't get me wrong, I do feel everyone's part is important etc but just think back to maybe when you were in college...just a different feeling (for those of us who are older!)

* I'd also say having off for the summer...hehe...but I do! Ha! Maybe also with that when someone told you "Go out & Play!" Boy that sounds like a book title! When you are "an adult" you almost have to justify "being a kid"! And that is what I mean about sometimes being an adult you don't care what others think, but there are times when it is a problem. When did you're spouse say, "Go out & play!" Ha! Maybe if we did we would be better off! Maybe I should write this book..hmmm.

* You know much of this does depend on the childhood you have like you said John. My childhood is quite different than children today! I'm not sure I'd want to be a child today...heck there is so much more to learn in grammar school than when I was young! HA! The world is so difficult but I suppose if you don't have anything to compare to then it isn't as bad.

I think the issue isn't picking Adulthood it is just if one could make it last longer & for the time period of Adulthood which is Awesome!

Well, we'll see what my nieces say! And I'll have to think about this some more!

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