Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Are you Hungry Country?

Are you hungry Country?

"What's For Dinner?  Pineapple? Where is the ice cream?"

I love my new digital camera! Ha! I took this tonight! I was unpacking groceries & Country just decided to help himself! :-) That cat would eat everything! Now Dusty did eat refried beans once! Ha! When he was a kitty, my brother thought it was cat food in small dish & gave it to him & do you know he ate it! Ha! BTW this is the same brother who fed his fish milk when he was young because he thought they were thirsty! Ha!

Dusty loves chicken since he was a baby along with shrimp & tuna. The two of them are nutty...Dusty is suppose to have special "crunchy food' for his health & Country doesn't have to. Ya, you can probably guess...Dusty is always eating Country's & Country is eating Dusty's. They are just like kids always wanting what the other has! They are pretty finicky with the soft food too!

Yes...I did feed Country! :-)

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