Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Perfect Man?!


When we were at the Madagascar tonight, they previewed "The Perfect Man" with Heather Locklear, Hillary Duff & Chris Noth...ladies you'll know him as "Mr. Big!" or perhaps you also watch him on Law & Order...just a lovely daydream! :-)

The movie looks really good! There are some interesting lines I thought I would share with you and see what others think & one of the songs is from a past movie? Can't remember...I  know they also previewed a new "Pride & Prejudice" and they are using the theme from Love Actually!

Hillary Duff's character asks Chris Noth's...

"What makes today's perfect man perfect?"

"He has to know what makes a woman tick."

Chris Noth says...

"I guess today’s perfect man can be anywhere in the world but he chooses to be with her because  life is better with her by his side."

And won't this be true for perfect woman also??? To help each other bring out the best in the reach their potential. Too many bring out the worst in each other!

What do you ladies think makes a perfect man?

Hillary Duff's character to Heather Locklear's Character...

"I want a mom who sees what her daughters see in her and doesn't need a man to be those things."

Now this is an excellent point & in some ways contradicts the idea that you need someone to bring out your best I agree! 

Hillary Duff & Heather Locklear...

"Why are you so desperate?"

"I don't want to wind up alone."

No the orchid idea Chris Noth mentions...they don't do that for me...but Peonies & Lilacs...ahhhh!

Chris Noth...

"I'm just looking for someone I can bring the best out in."


Ben Feldman (Hillary's interest)...

"Love is Freindship on Fire"

I like that!

Chris Noth...

"There is such a thing as 'Perfect' and it's out there."

Well what do you think?


moltenhalo said...

Some good quotes. I agree that perfect is out there, but I think we often don't recognize the difference between what we want and what we need, so sometimes we screw up perfection.  I almost did that with my own sweet wife.  :)

cneinhorn said...

oh i do think perfect is out there,even though it may not be the perfect you envision, it still ends up being the perfect for you!