Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Cousin Joel...the Actor!

Now this is my cousin Joel, who my niece is in love with and is planning to marry! Didn't I tell you! She has AWESOME taste! He is sooo sweet about it too! He sends her cards, and  makes it a point to talk with her etc when we have family parties! He is a really great guy! Why are all the great ones related to me! Ugh! If I could just find one with pieces of all the men in my family! Ha! It has been so wonderful watching Joel grow up to the man he is now! His family use to come to my youngest brother's plays & we would go to theirs. My brother played Danny from Grease his Senior year & it was what got him an acting scholarship to college. Actually my brother has his car in Ocean's 11. Yep...right after Brad Pitt comes from the subway I think...he had a Mustang then. If you blink you will miss it though! Ha! Do you know my brother sat in his car talking to Matt Damon for over an hour & did not have the good sense to mention he has a single sister....well two as a matter of fact! I tell you! What happened to the the good old days your brothers took care of you! Well...maybe he was! Ha!

Joel is living in Hollywood right now and has been trying to open some doors acting! He has been doing quite a bit of extra work! Here is a list:

Joel's Television Work - March 2004 - March 2005

West Wing
Without A Trace
Passions (NBC 2pm) - He is on alot! In the bar scene!
Summerland - Along the beach!
Seventh Heaven
Dr. Vegas
C.S.I. Miami (nearly every week CBS Tues!)
C.S.I. New York
The O.C.
Related by Family
The Nick & Jessica Family Christmas Show - Blocked for a kiss & Hug from Jessica!
2 1/2 Men

Joel's Movie Work - March 2004 - March 2005

Cloud Nine (movie with Burt Reynolds)
Triple X-2

You can look at more pictures on his resume.

Oh..Joel was actually hit by the first mud slide this past spring! Yep...was on news & everything! Poor guy! Brand new Jeep Liberty! He was on his way home in the wee hours & was really lucky! Totaled his Jeep though. Then his friend happened to call him just as he finished sliding down the canyonl & so his friend got there before the fire dept. They were already getting him out of the jeep when the fireman came. The fireman were a bit worried...there were live wires & my cousin didn't realize it! He definitely had an angel with him that night! I told Joel I'll make him a t-shirt that says "I rode a Mud Slide & Survived!" :-)

Well watch for him! I expect him to win an Oscar one day...but then again I'm a bit biased!

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