Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wknd Asgn #74: Got the Wants

Weekend Assignment #74: Got the Wants

There are things in this world that people need to have. This week's Weekend Assignment is not about those.

Weekend Assignment #74: Forget about the things you need -- Tell us about something you want. Preferably something useless and/or expensive. In other words: Toys! Something fun and/or sparkly and/or indulgent that you don't already have but wouldn't mind getting, if someone were offering.

Extra Credit: Do you really think getting that toy would make you happier?

Ok, John here is my want...not useless but expensive...atleast for me. I guess it is indulgent in some ways since it is so expensive & a cheaper one can be fine far as sparkly...I think my smile would sparkle because I would be so relaxed & happy!

It is the
Select Comfort 9000 Bed in California King! Just about $4,000. My folks have one of the beds (not sure what # & smaller) & I know it would just be so much better for my back & with my foot injury! After paying off my new SUV, I think this would really be my first purchase if I won the Mega Millions! :-) I mean then I can lie in my nice comfy bed & dream about how else I want to use my money! :-)

I think it would really make me happier... I KNOW I would feel so much better getting a better night sleep. My back would feel better. I wouldn't wake up in pain during the night or in the morning. I tried it out in the store once...I could not get up! Then when I did I was so relaxed I could not even walk! I know my cats would love it also!

See I don't need diamonds! Just make me comfy & relaxed! :-)


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah
what a great idea!Since it's hard to get right now, can your bed be made more comfy for your foot and bcak with extra small soft pillows ? natalie

sierrajazz said...

Hey I agree.. I love comfy cozy... I love to rest and sleep, and I have to have a great mattress.. Excellent choice of toys!!!!

pandorasbazaar said...

At first, I thought, what?! A $4000 bed? But actually, this sounds heavenly. Personally, I love sleeping and I loooove my bed so this is pretty damn good idea.
- Pandora -