Sunday, August 7, 2005

The Fat Man Walking

Again, via Cheryl Richardson's most recent newsletter, I pass along this website The Fat Man Walking. This website chronicles Steve Vaught, a 39 year old man, who is walking from San Diego, CA to New York to lose weight & as he says, "gain back his life." I think some might find his story inspiring. Of course as someone who can't really walk right now, I found his story inspiring myself. Cheryl states the letters of support on his guestbook are worth viewing also. You can track where he is at & see if he is near you.



nhd106 said...

Weird...thanks to you and your journal...I now receive email from that site...and had just checked out Fatmanwalking.   I sent him a comment.  How awesome, huh?  nancy : )

lurkynat said...


lsk49rs said...

I am amazed at what people will do when inspired....walking to New YORK???? Shoot, I cannot stay away from CHOCOLATE for a day.