Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot: Seeing Double

Ok, obviously too much time...well, I just had fun so! One needs a bit of relaxation! Here you go John...do I get some extra credit for the Monday Photo Shoot?

      Hugs & Kisses!

I thought of these two pictures right away. I had made my little niece a book, sorta scrapbook, on Zebra's for her birthday. I found information on the internet about them to help her learn about zebra. Just tidbits of what they weigh when they are born, life expectancy, what they eat, where they come from, that they love to hug, kiss etc! ;-)


2 1/2 HERE! :-) Had to plug
March of the Penguins again! So much Affection...ya I'm a
"touchy-feely" spirit.

Ones someone sent to me! 

 Sam & Ella!


Must be an animal theme here...not sure why? Maybe my spirit is just there now. This is one of my favorite pictures! SoulMates! So comfortable with each other! And very protective!


Brookfield Zoo many years ago!

  My favorite Best-Friends picture!


Chihuly exhibit! I loved it!        And Mom's roses!


And for the gross...my lovely archless free foot which will be casted again tomorrow! That was pointing my toes! Can you see that long scar! Ick! And the doctor said my left foot had a better arch than my right this past spring! All gone now! Can you imagine if I was walking more than the 20 min/hr! (Shake head!)

P.S. What color cast should I get tomorrow? Mind you I'm leaving about 10am! I think I havechoices of purple (again), pink, blue, orange, plain white...not sure if more than that.


nightmaremom said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal, you know I had to stop by yours!  Great pictures :) I can't decide which I like best.

jouell3935 said...

Ohhh....Pick a Lovely color....something bright!(this coming from a woman who wears balck and whit 90% of the time lol) I hope all goes well...My thoughts are with you!!!!

gullspirit said...

Absolutely lovely doubles -- in all colors and sizes, too!

Oh yes, and I vote for purple!

Best wishes!!!

lurkynat said...

very nice! :
I love all of he double dipping
and your feet look nice too!Orange/ or blue?
allof the best wishes to you
love and hugs natalie

demandnlilchit said...

red bright red! lol

timelsspainting said...


sierrajazz said...

I always enjoy these types of animal pictures.. just sooo precious.  What a sweet gift ( the scrapbook of zebras) for your niece.  I bet she will love it.  That is interesting to know Zebra's love to hug and kiss..Yea I am a touchy feely person too.. shoulda been born a Zebra I guess!!

Blue is my favorite color but I vote for ORANGE since it is a real eye catcher, and want you to get noticed so you will get lots of sympathy!!!