Friday, August 19, 2005

To Serve & Protect?

Ok, I just had to journal about this! It just outrages me when one thinks they are above the law or when someone just "doesn't say" etc. I'm not saying I am perfect! I'm sure there are things that I may think later I should have done better, because certainly there are some things I do wish I had in my past...everyone does! That is what life is about as you get older & wiser! And I'm sure there are things others may disagree on what I have done. There is that "fudge factor" on just one's opinion of what is right for an individual person etc BUT some things do not require a whole lot of intelligence to figure out right away! Just yesterday someone left some change in the automatic machine at the register. The previous person was gone already. Did I take it? Heck no! I gave it to the girl at the register. Now ya, people say, "You could use it more than the huge store" but the girl said, "Ya, if someone comes up short a penny etc." I'm thinking make change of the quarters to pennies & give all of them to others who are short....there are just ways you can "do right."

Now why am I bringing this up & there is an officer picture? Check out this article today in the Washington Post on Officer Wendell Cunningham. This wonderful officer (well at least on this issue!) is using his own time to make sure the streets where he lives are safe for children & others. As someone who has teens screwing with mail & ringing door bells at 2am. I would love this! (NOTE: Door bell ringers were caught thanks to our wonderful officers...those who are having fun with the neighborhood have given everyone a challenge & we will get you!)

So what is the problem with Officer Cunningham? He caught an Asst. Chief doing 46 mph in a 25 mph...and not just once but twice! Was he headed to a call with lights &/or sirens or even had to quietly go to a call? Apparently not! Seems it has caused an internal affairs stir & get this, Officer Cunningham is of course getting some flack! UGH! I love this comment below (note my sarcasm!):

"During a recent afternoon rush hour, Cunningham returned to Branch Avenue to catch speeders on his own time. He clocked one driver going 45 mph and another going 47 mph in a 25-mph zone. Then he received a page to call a commander. The supervisor told Cunningham to stop, because someone had complained that he was slowing traffic."

As my older niece would say, "HELLO!" God forbid we should want to slow down traffic to actually make sure people do the speed limit! I mean heck those signs don't mean anything? Everyone knows you do 15 over what the sign says! Kids shouldn't be on the streets anyway right! UGH!!! Sorry but it just gets me. I know we all make mistakes in areas where we don't live or your mind is somewhere else & there will be consequences...hopefully just a ticket & not hurting someone, but I'm sorry this officer should know what the speed limit is. And the commander telling him to stop because people are complaining...who is complaining...the speeders! I think something needs to be done about that commander! Who are we serving & protecting...the speeders? The officers who think they are above the law? Sure when someone gets killed then what? What if it is that commanders or asst. chief child, parent or spouse? I guess they don't seem to care about their own life?

Now I'm not saying Officer Cunningham is perfect or perhaps he didn't get all permissions etc, but then do that & get him back doing what he is doing! What a heart to use his own time to protect EVERYONE! Maybe I'm just getting old? I mean I do have all the college students whizzing past me on the highway now and I don't care. The "Zoom, Zoom" may not be as it use to be, but you know what...somehow I value people's lives much more than the adrenaline rush or being at my destination 2 minutes sooner!

Now I better watch my know after writing this it would be just like it for me to get a ticket! Ha! But if that is the case...then I deserve it! :-)


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
I totally agree with you!
love, natalie

swibirun said...

"It's a mussed up world"


sierrajazz said...

It is sad how it usually takes a bad accident or a death of some powerful person in the town to make them wake up and take action or enforce the rules. Very Very sad