Friday, August 5, 2005

Who Me Twisted? ;-)

How evil are you?


How evil are you?

Ok, via Patrick's Place I took the Evil Test. I thought it might be interesting to see what questions they had. The first time I took it I came up TWISTED! Ha! I laughed so hard. I don't think my friends would disagree with that in some ways! Ha! I think it just depends on what we are talking about! ;-)

I then thought (oh No! She is thinking again!), what answers leaned more towards evil which got me to be defined as Twisted, so I went back & played a bit with answers to see what would happen. What I found out was choosing Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks) vs Michael Palin, who I picked, was a factor. I turned out Good when I picked Mr. Dreamworks & I don't get that! I know they have cute films but really those films always have mom or dad dying like all the Disneys. They have something evil in them! And they have other moives which are not so cute...check out Dreamwork's new film "Red Eye" - scary stuff! Now, I like Michael Palin because he was the sweet one in "A Fish Called Wanda" & does all those Travel PBS things...what is the deal with him making me more evil? Anyone know? 

Then some of the questions just didn't have an option I wanted. Like new age or relaxing stuff...I know just a quick survey which really doesn't mean anything but that is my point - Don't take this sucker serioulsy!!!

Of course some have told me they have an "Evil Twin" so maybe that is it?! ;-) There is a good type of evil youknow! Ha! The one that will play practical jokes, or torture one with lovely surprises etc. ;-) That is the kind of Twisted I love.


Well, see what you turn out to be!


lurkynat said...

Hey... this si like that movie"A Fish Called Wanda"!lol..
but anyway the test said I was good lol

sierrajazz said...

I always enjoy taking these little tests.. but I am like you, so many of the questions don't have ANY choices that fit me, and you just pick the lesser of the evils.  But it is still fun to see how close they are... but what we should do is get our significant other or friend or family to answer the questions for us and see what they come up with.  It is amazing how differently other people perceive our actions or moods. My daughter and I are complete opposites and it is funny when we take personality tests together it shows how much we clash... THEY GOT THAT RIGHT!!