Friday, August 26, 2005

Breathe: Kevin Bacon

The September/October issue of Breathe Magazine has Kevin Bacon as their cover story! Read the article here! You know, he never really did it for me before. Footloose...nope! just must be that "older" look I always like...I mean all these guys are turning out quite attractive now. Ha! Deep blue eyes!

I liked these comments:

"What is the greatest thing that Kyra has taught you in your life?

She deals with things in a much more immediate way. I will hold things in. I've learned from her that you can let stuff out, get through it and move on. I try as much as possible nowadays--and this is something I'm still working on--if I have hurt feelings or I'm angry or fearful, I try to E express it in some way, get it the fuck out. I do believe that some of those things can make a person sick. My mother died of cancer and there was a lot of stuff that she didn't let out. A lot of stuff. Even though she was involved in protests, there was another side of her that was, "Don't stir the pot. On an emotional level, don't say when you're angry." And I think that can be detrimental to your health."

I feel the same way! If it is a personal I love dearly & I feel hurt by them I usually can't talk, I can't think, I just feel the hurt. Then after a bit of time  it comes out. And I need it to come out so I can move through it.

""In life, there are rules that you live by without emotion, regardless of whatever mood you're in--what's good is good, what's bad is bad. Kevin lives by the rules...We have dinners together three times a week where we all sit down and talk. To me morality is a question of trying to teach your children to be honest and straightforward and not to lie and cheat people and to be nonviolent. Other people, their idea of morality is that you have to say "God" in school, and your dress can't be a certain length, and Janet Jackson's breast can't come out of her top. Censorship is a very slippery slope. We look at Elvis now and it's like, "That's quaint." They wereflipping out over Elvis! They were flipping out over the song lyrics to "Louie Louie"--the FBI was involved in that.

It seems we're heading back in that direction. [As a society] we're getting more and more puritanical. It's off the charts. Starbucks is not going to carry Springsteen's record because it has a song about a hooker on it. Starbucks is supposed to be all groovy and young. "

I love the idea of sitting down as a family & talking! You know sometimes I see families on the trails & they all have their walkman's on. What a missed opportunity to talk and explore things...bugs, trees etc! I also agree their is a big difference between spirituality & Religion. I am concerned with censorship but I think what is happening is when things move faster than what people are ready for. They don't know how to handle it so they just retreat or they swing the opposite way as a reaction.

Let me know what you think!

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lurkynat said...

Dear Deboarh,
Good points. families shold stick together and they should set time aside to talk.
All that being said, the guy has learned to get his feelings out. that;s good too.