Thursday, August 18, 2005

Up, Up And Away, My Beautiful, My Beautiful Balloon...

I thought some of you might enjoy this link on Hot Air Balloons.

I didn't fly in an airplane until I was out of college amazingly. I think it was just cheaper for the family when I grew up to pack everyone into the station wagon, dog & all! :-) I loved flying the first time. We sat on the runway & revvvvved up the engine & then the brake was taken off & we catapulted! AWESOME! It was like Top Gun to me! Ha!

Since that first time, all my flights have been the boring slow climbs, and I think since 9/11 I just don't care for flying so much anymore either. Interestingly though, I still would love to fly in a hot air balloon someday. I think because it would be more like a bird & the peace in the air etc. I love watching hawks gliding in the air! For some reason my spirit is attracted to them. Maybe it is also because I think it would be lovely to do with someone! ;-) I know it is goofy, I mean if it goes down, I'm not going to do too well either, just like a plane but...I won't bungee jump but I'd love to take a racecar around the track. I have no clue how that makes any sense but...

Here is the description on the site!

"Today (Aug 17th)  marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of the completion of the first transatlantic balloon trip by three Americans, Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson and Larry Newman.  The trio set out from Presque Isle in Maine in the Double Eagle II on August 11, 1978, landing in Evereux, France 137 hours later.  The crew endured the 'Big Drop;' atmospheric conditions caused the balloon to drop a staggering 19,500 feet before the sun warmed the envelope and the balloon recovered.  In addition to the record-breaking flight, you'll find all sorts of information about balloons, how they work, how they're used, the different parts and a brief history of hot air ballooning.  There is information on famous flights as well as a description of a Typical Flight, just what you need to get you in the mood for your own ride!  Happy flying!"

Anyone been on a hot air balloon before? How did you like it? Pictures?


nhd106 said...

Yes, yes, yes!  I did fulfill my dream and went up in a hot air balloon...then I just had to do it 2 more times since then!   It lived up to every expectation and then some.  First I went with a coworker/"friend" because no one else was the experience was better than the company.  Second time, I took my Dad up in one for his 70th birthday present!  And the last time, I went up with my honey..that was the best of all!  Both my Dad and Boyfriend aren't too fond of heights and were both hesitant, but NEITHER one were afraid once we got up in the air.  Both loved it as much as I did....I highly recommend it!   (just save your pennies...)   Nancy : )

lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
Ah! Some new thing for psychfun! I ahven't done it but I have seen it on tv! Cheers Deborah! love,nat