Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ohhhh Jaammeesss

Well I'm shaken & this is causing me to stir too! :-) No more Pierce as 007! How can this be? Now I will admit that Sean Connery has always been my favorite, but Pierce really did manage to work "very fine!" ;-) Check out his website...I'm melting again!  

Are you watching AMC? Every night in August a Bond movie! Tonight is "Live & Let Die"...EEK! Too many snakes and alligators!  And I really do not like Roger Moore that much. I must admit, still interesting, just get some scary item like the a small hat & a chicken feather with some red dye to frighten the little lady & make her want you to stick around, or make sure you have all the same Lovers cards! Ha!  Love hearing McCartney's song though!

Tomorrow is "The Man With The Golden Gun!" Here is AMC's Schedule!

Now who are they going to get to play 007 now? Anyone have any good suggestions?


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
Gee I truly adore Bond. thanks!
I don't know who they have singled out; just that they have.

swibirun said...

Orlando Bloom?
I just hope they don't try to go modern and put in someone like Vin Diesel.  Then again, what do I care?  I haven't watched a Bond flick since Moonraker, which was unbearable.