Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Huckabee's State on a Diet!

Arkansas' Governor Huckabee has some really interesting ideas on putting his state on a diet! Check out this article! I love this idea:

'Another incentive he has offered is a point system that allows those working for the state to accrue days off when they lose weight, stop smoking or exhibit other signs of sound bodily stewardship.

"Someone calls in sick and you say, why are you sick?" the governor said. "Well, 'I'm 50 pounds overweight and don't get off my rear end and I'm sick' - that's ridiculous! You get rewarded for being sick and the poor guy who is slugging away exercising gets to go to work."'

Lets make this a federal idea!!!

And with that...I'm going to go make myself some breakfast...reading the article made me hungry! Ha!


swibirun said...

Oh goody!  I'd never have to go to work!


lurkynat said...

wow..I'm speechless...