Thursday, August 25, 2005

Who's The Real Man?

Well, a great excuse to use another Brosnan photo! Ha! Seriously, I just read this editorial by Ross Werland in the Chicago Tribune. (You have to register to view but it is FREE!)

Mr. Werland discusses a study conducted by Cornell University researchers who found that as men feel more & more insecure in their masculinity they  tend to swing "Ultra Male" or "Super Macho". They found these men to get more homophobic, wanting to purchase more & more masculine vehicles (explains Monster Trucks!) and more willng to be agressive (support war etc). this is interesting when you combine Dr. Deborah Tannen's research on gender communication styles. She states that men tend to be more & more competitive in conversation. I love the example she gives of little boys who keep topping each other & say their ? balloon...hmm something went so high & the final boy tops them all & says mine when all the way to God. Also, this mom who told her she was driving a bunch of boys in her van & once said he was going to Disney for 3 days, the next said 5 days & her own son said, "We're moving to Disney!" Ha! She didn't know what to do...tell her son not to lie in front of his friends or what. She told her "no, the boys know it is a game & your son just won that round!" Ha! Men also like to tease...women too...isn't that funny & we thought women were the tease...well maybe other ways but they like to poke fun, play fight etc. Explains a lot to me! I can't stand it & I can think of some prime examples in the past that I would like to get a few of those men back! Ha!

Well, Mr. Werland does an AWESOME job taking this research & applying it...talking about bullies in school etc. I love the following:

"...let me suggest more ways that I think a real pansy might overcompensate. He might:

Hit a woman; scream at a woman; hit another man; scream at another man; humiliate and browbeat his own children; torture pets; cut people off in traffic; chase people who have the nerve to cut him off in traffic; call people names; drink too much and blame any of the previous behaviors on the booze. This is just off the top of my head.

If I had ever had a daughter, I would have explained that it's the overcompensating male she should avoid, that if she wanted a real guy, she should look for the one who doesn't necessarily hang with the pack, who can find more constructive ways to spend his time rather than check the testosterone dipstick of every male around him.

It's the guy who believes he has nothing to prove who has already proved it.

Look for the loner in the pink Mini Cooper. That's got to be a real man."

Just AWESOME! Now wait...makes me think...maybe I've been looking for the wrong man? I mean I don't recall 007 in a pink Mini Cooper! Ha!

Ok...well you had to see this coming...

Maybe this is president Bush's problem...too many people calling him a Wuss! Hmmmm! Well, no one will mistake him for 007! Ha!

So what do you all think?


lurkynat said...

I find this a difficult subject Deborah, partly because I feel that men are hyper sensitive to how women talk about this. natalie

cdittric77 said...

I've got a pink shirt, does that count? :)

princesssaurora said...

Interesting... I have always felt that those who over compensate are most insecure...

Be well,

stoopidgir1 said...

Oh wow! I was doing a google search for pink Mini Coopers and I must say I did not expect this. You have officially confirmed that I have a real man! I have a Pink Mini cooper and my man is most definately not affraid to drive it! In fact he gets more attention from girls then I do from guys when he drives it.
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