Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nasty & Rude!

Ok, I'm going to try to get this finished before the electricity goes off. Lots of "Boom, Booms" and there is really nothing on the map for us in my area...which is really not making me feel too confident! You know when those storms come so quickly they can't warn...ugh! There is a whole bunch coming in the area but....

I should go to bed. I sleep better during thunderstorms. I'm not sure why? Well, not the ones that rattle everything and make you want to grab the person next to you...that is if you have someone! :-)

Did you all see this about employees getting nasty with customers? Wow! I'd say I can't belive it, but unfortunately...I can! So Sad though! The problem is that so many get so upset & do swear etc that some don't understand there are times it is reasonable to be upset. There are times one has every right to be upset about something. Like these cases, they do have the right to be upset about what these employees did. It is just how you handle it or express it which makes the difference. Yelling back or becoming aggressive etc is certainly not the correct choice. Oh & apparently, "freaking" is not a swear word? I guess I'm getting old?

I have been also contemplating the word "rude" lately. I'm wondering if the definition has changed. Seems some find telling someone they can't have what they want is rude today. For example, telling someone you ran out of an item, they are speeding (like in my previous entry!), the due date has passed etc. is being rude now. I don't know, but I didn't think that was being rude. I thought it is was more on how you said something, for example swearing or saying something like, "Well, that is what you get for always thinking you are better than everyone" or something like that...even if you think it is true. Merely stating a policy or fact to me doesn't qualify. Seems everyone agrees with a policy/law until it hurts them in some way. When they can't speed or still get an item, or turn something in. How is it a bank is rude for closing on time? Now if they are closing early then I agree that is rude!

Well what do you think?


lurkynat said...

yes rudeness is not helpful.
however D the teachers do not have enough time to really teach very many manners!

sierrajazz said...

I don't know what it is with people today.. I am embarrassed to say my own daught is RUDE to the point where I sometimes wonder if she could really be mine.  I didn't raise her to be that way, but she is one of those that thinks if she is inconvenienced in any way than it is outrageous, unfair and unacceptable. She like sooo many others wait til the very last second to do something and then get upset if they have to wait or it can't be done in 5 min. People are unorganized, lazy,  scared, uninformed, or procrastinate and when it causes them a problem they freak out and call others RUDE when they are the one being rude. I just know I wouldn't want to work at the Driver license place or post office, or Social Security office and deal with the way people act. People complain about the how rude the employees are at these agencies, and I imagine they do snap back at times when dealing with angry people who don't want to follow the rules and have proper identification or paperwork.