Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Welcome Freshman

Well, this article in the NY Times states only about 1/2  of those entering college have the reading skills they need to succeed in college.  The results from ACT found out of 1.2 million who took the test 1 in 4 are ready for college in all four subjects: reading, english, math & science.

The results showed:

51% reading
26% science
41% math
68% english

Now only 40% of those who graduated took the ACT. One would think those who took it are those who are thinking college & most likely because they are doing well in school. I wonder what the percentage would be then if more took it? Illinois & Colorado requires all students to take the ACT, even if you do not plan to go to college.

Only 56% of who took the ACT completed the core curriculum which is recommended for college bound students. Interesting 56% of those who took the ACT were also women!

Students then expect to do so well in college & do not realize they are not coming in with the skills to succeed. It is frustrating for them & their professors as well.


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
thanks for the study.
I am not sure how accurate it can be called because most kids take Sat and there are more than one SAT.(SATI and SATII). They have emphasized the essay and they have removed a comparative part.
I wonder , then waht this study is supposed to mean... derrogatory comment meant to discourage kids?

psychfun said...

Not to discourage but to suggest make students, parents, High School Educators, Administrators and Policitians know that more needs to be done. For college students, educators etc to understand they will struggle, need more help and yes maybe not do as well as they like unless they take some courses to gain the skills not required yet. It is how you use the data which is important. Just because SATs are also taken doesn't mean what is reported from ACT is wrong. Now it would be interesting to see what SAT says also!