Friday, August 5, 2005

In The News...

Check out MSN Videos they have a 92 yr old women water skiing, this cool fossil art, some cute owls who made their nest in a football field & some shocking news on Decaf coffee! You might like a few of the others also. I would have never guessed that woman was 92 yrs old! I should be so lucky! Well, it gives me something to shoot for!

I remember when I was teaching in my first year, a woman took one of my seminar courses & at the end of the weekend I asked if the course answered all their questions. One women in her 60s raised her hand. She said, I want to go bungee jumping & my children are "Forbidding" me not to. Her question wasn't quite related to class, but I loved it. I thought it was so great. It made me think about when I get older & someone forbidding me? I asked her if she had any health reasons why she might need to be concerned about this activity...looking for an out! Ha! She said she did not. Of course I'm thinking well the bones may not like it. I squirmed out a bit, suggesting she talked with her doctor & if he/she cleared her, then I didn't see any reason why she could not. It did really make me think about this issue though. I'll try to remember that now as my parents are now about her age and retiring.

Dad's last day working is next Thursday. Mom called a few hours ago excited the house they bid on was accepted. They are moving about 40 min northwest from where they currently are. Now it is going to take me almost 2 hours to get to them! UGH! Oh well, only for the people we love! Then again they will have a community pool & activities center so...ha!


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
Wow! 96 Imagine that!...Sorry that your parents are moving farther away!

swibirun said...

Congrats to your father on his retirement.  Are you going to let him bungee jump? LOL


sierrajazz said...

I find myself wanting to tell my mom she needs to retire and get away from the stress of work, and take it easy and join some community activities.. but she is perfectly happy working. It makes her feel needed and significant, so as long as she is physically able to work and drive, I will hold my tongue.

Well 2 hours is a little stretch but at least you can still make trips there and back in a day. I hated when I lived 16 hours from my family. I hate driving long distances.