Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Got Popsicle Sticks?

Ok, this is what happens when one has toooooo much time on their hands! Ha! Robert McDonald is making a Viking ship out of 15 Million popsicle sticks and plans to sail it! He says it is a dream come true. Now I don't want to really judge people's dreams...I mean ok...but still where did this come from? Why this dream???

What will he come up with next? Any suggestions?


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
Thanks! Wow that is beautiful! I can't believe he did it!
Great! hugs,natalie

swibirun said...

Man....when I was a kid all I made out of popsicle sticks was those cheesy Christmas ornaments made out of two sticks and yarn!


curvyanglintexas said...

That's truly amazing and quite creative! Wow!



sierrajazz said...

Wish they would have had more pictures of the ship.. it is quite amazing tho.. not sure I would want to be the one to test it out.