Wednesday, August 3, 2005

New Saturn

Saturn announced their 6th New Saturn the "Outlook" check it out! No pictures yet, it is scheduled for production Summer 2006. It is a midsize crossover sport utility vehicle. They state they now offer:

1.  The ION small car
2.  The VUE compact SUV
3.  The RELAY family utility vehicle
4.  The SKY roadster
5.  The AURA sport sedan, and
6.  The OUTLOOK midsize crossover SUV

I'll have to check out the Outlook then & see if I want to change from my Vue when they come out. The new Vue's should be out soon & they look she grumbles because many of the extras I had to pay for are not standards but such is life! People are expected more now.

Any other Saturn people out there???


sierrajazz said...

Sorry I am a die hard Toyota lover.. although I think the newer Saturns are very sporty, and stylish looking.

swibirun said...

Nope, I'm from planet Earth despite how outta this world I may seem some time.  But if you meet any Saturn people, let me know, LOL.

(Refraining from any jokes about another planet that rhymes with a body part partly because it's childish but mostly because it's too easy)

Actually, I can't believe I am considering buying a Hyundai.  The new Sonata looks great.