Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Blogging for All Ages!

I am going to write this entry on aging when my foot is not acting too young right now! UGH! Yep...burning again but I really didn't do anything today. We'll see what the doc says on Friday!

I just read this
article today in the Washington Post on Ronni Bennett's blog "As Time Goes By". She writes about what it is like to get older. Her motivation for creating this blog is the lack of people talking about aging0 other than "disease, debility and decline." She wants to change what harm the media has done by explaining how wonderful aging can actually be.  I would highly recommend this article & this blog. I found it fascinating & for someone just turning 40 yrs old this past March, very encouraging! I love her pictures at the top as she ages!

Here is a sample from the article:

"Arlington, Va.: Thank you for answering my question about what it's like to get older, and yes, you did answer it. One more for you - are scared to get older? Thank you again.

Ronni Bennett: I've been scared about getting older all my life. The culture does that to us with hundreds of messages every day that young is good, old is bad.

I can't take credit for this, it just happened: I'm fascinated with getting older - my own experience as it goes along and everyone else's I meet. We're different, if we pay attention to our inner voices and not the media, and I'm having a wonderful time seeing how I've become more tolerant, less impatient, more understanding of people who disagree me - except for those who insist that old people are useless :-)

Even in a culture that wants everyone to look young unto death, I wouldn't consider cosmetic surgery; I'm too interested now to find out how my looks will change as the years go by."

I love Ronni's attitude! I do agree with her when she says society does not reflect aging in a positive way in the media. She is hopeful the retiring baby boomers will change this. She also explains how she now understands herself, is more comfortable with herself & knows when to say "no." I find that so refreshing!

I also love the idea of everyone blogging, no matter what age! In fact, about a week ago my mother asked me if I knew what a blog was. I told her I did & asked why she was asking. She said she was hearing alot about it on tv etc. I just might get her to start one. Perhaps she can chronicle their retirement. My dad retires in 13 more days! He is counting the days! Ha!

Check this her out - no matter what age you are!


lurkynat said...

Dear Beborah,
You go girl! I love your enthusiasm and your drive!Yes we are not rotting corpses

sierrajazz said...

I never had a problem with ANY of my birthdays.. In fact I got divorced when I turned 40, and was not upset about the age thing at all.  As long as I feel healthy I don't care how old I am.  I do hate feeling the aches and pains of age set in though. I am trying to do what I can to stay feeling strong and energetic. I love the wisdom I have gained through the years and the fact that I can say NO and don't feel guilty about it anymore.

nhd106 said...

You have the greatest entries!  Thanks so much....   Nancy