Friday, August 5, 2005

The Problem with Horoscopes!

I swear this is the song on when I read this horoscope! I remember listening to this song in college working my Sr. year.

Ok, I go to MSN & decide to read my horoscope just for fun & this is what it says:

Sun Sign Pisces A long-awaited phone call from a love partner, perhaps someone from the past, could finally come today, dear Pisces. The conversation is likely to be warm, loving, and very positive, and plans to get together could be the result. You could talk for hours! The affection you and this person have for each other aren't likely to go away, no matter what else happens between you. Don't be shy - go for it!

I swear check! At first I thought...AHA it didn't come true, but then I looked at the clock & it is after midnight so I have to wait and see now. This will drive me crazy. Oh wait...I don't believe in these soo....look at that..."perhaps" and all the "could"s! Well, if you are going to...hmmm who would it be? better call me on my cell phone because I may not be home. Oh man, my home phone number would be changed. I wouldn't even get a message. Well there you go, that nixes it! I swear they get paid to do this? I should get into this racket!  

Well, no phone call so there you have it! :-) Now lets see, all the Pisces in the World all getting phone calls on one day? Hmm...that could lead to quite a change reaction..I mean what if the guy who calls me and I happen to call a guy I dated in the past who was also a Pisces & so on & so on! Ha! Good God the whole universe were be all screwed up! HA! Any Pisces out there which actually feel this came true?


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
HUmmmmm.... but it was not specifically for you based upon your natal chart?

sierrajazz said...

Hey I am Pisces too, and I didn't get a call from anyone from the past or present!!