Saturday, August 6, 2005

Friday Five: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

This week's "
Friday Five" was kinda interesting to me, so I thought I'd participate. I liked what Charley had though hmmm, I might alter it a bit so I'm going to include that but then not to totally wimp out and steal, I thought I'd do a bit lighter one also for me. Here you go:

1. If you could invite five people to dinner from history, living or dead, who would they be?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

I love these questions :). I'd have to go with: Gandhi, Lincoln, Buddha, Christ, and Frederick Douglass.

I think I would alter this a bit to have some fun! I would have Gandhi, Buddha, Christ, Bush & Osma! That should be quite interesting!!!! :-)

For my personal one, I'd like to have Maureen O'Hara, Katherine Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, Ann-Margaret and I think Lauren Bacall. Almost all red-heads! I think it would be quite an interesting conversation. I think they would all like to meet Julia Roberts though & she them! I think she would be in that category almost...give her more time, she is headed there (no pun intended!) :-)

2. Why have you chosen these five individuals?

My altered first pick would be to get those guys to "get a clue" andstraighten them out! Let them "get it".

My personal one would be because they are very strong, independent women who at times I identify with & at other times I wish I did more! They have such fire & passion & yet are still beautiful spirits.

3. What would you serve for dinner? 

For the first group I would go with the preferred food of the 1st three gentlemen, forget what Bush & Osma want! They get too much of what they want already!

For my ladies, if I had as much money as I needed, whatever they wanted. Perhaps a nice variety to have fun with. Nothing like a group of women together eating & talking! Ha! Chances are some wine or Daiquiris or my fav "Pina Coladas"! I think Smores are usually in there somewhere! Ha! I'm sure some bad fatting food would be there, though we would all deny it & be sworn to secrecy! :-)

4. What would you like to ask them?

In my modified group I would ask Ghandi, Buddha & Christ to tell Bush & Osma what they think of them & what they should be really doing in life!

For my women I would ask them what advice they would give woman today on being strong, independent woman like they are & is it worth it.

5. Do you think everyone at the table would get along. Why or Why not?

Well chances are Bush & Osma would be arguing & then they both would probably have a problem with the first 3! The first 3 would probably be all loving to them though so sad or disappointed in them.

for my women I think they would. I'm not sure if they have all met each other before or if they do have any problems with each other, but I think they would be great! I think they would be one big support group & would be great for helping the young girls today.

P.S. I think I would follow next with my favorite male group: Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, Pierce Brosnan, and Kevin Costner.

Chances are I'm thinking some alcohol would be there also & they probably are likely to want some steak! I think they would have a blast! Hmmm... what would I ask them? This is a tougher one! I mean other than begging Pierce or Kevin to dump their wives & marry me! Ha! Just kidding! Maybe something about Love...what they think it is & look for. What they have learned about what love really is? What advice they might give men about love after living and learning. Something like that.

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lurkynat said...

Hepburn,Stewart, O'Hara and Tracy would be tops for me Deborah....I like reading what you put. In essence, it sounds ambitious...