Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I'm a Rainbow?!


?? Which Natural Wonder Or Disaster Are You ??
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Are you a Natural Wonder or Disaster? Via Patrick's Place I went to this quiz & found out what I was. Hmmm? I was wondering until it got to the talking on the phone & shopping part, then I was convinced! Ha! This is why I got Vonage unlimited for my phone! I can call anytime for as long as I like! :-) I also think Dr. Z. & God are in cahoots to prevent me from shopping! Ha!

Now, the idea of my light attracting others, being fun & pretty...I don't know. I never think I am any more special than so many others on this planet. What is so much more special about me, you know. I do try to think positive & help others. I think that is a HUGE factor of teaching. At times, I can be frustrated and that can get me more down. It is also hard to be a bright light if you are around a lot of people who are all trying to blow your light out.

Now Friendship is a big thing to me. I don't usually allow people in my life as friend or my heart very easily, but when I do, chances are you are there FOREVER! I would have to find out you lied to me & were deceiving me and not the person you claimed to be, to lose me. I also have to have proof of that! Do I expect little in return? Well, I don't expect "things". I do expect that same loyalty, love, caring, empathy etc that I give, but I don't think I would even become friends with the person if I didn't feel that from them in the first place. I love people who challenge me & help me grow. I love to do the same, if they feel I can, for them. To me, it is not about one person being on a pedestal for the other to look up to, but rather both of you raising each other up to your potential. There are sooo many people in this world who could be sooo much more if they had someone, just one person even, in their life that believes in them and helps them take risks to reach their potential. To me one's potential is really unknown so one can't really ever say "I can't" or "They couldn't do that". Obviously, after writing my last entry about Dr. A. I'm stronger now! Ha!

Well, I can only hope I am a rainbow more & more each day and growing in its intensity of colors & brilliance. I do know it is easy to be a rainbow when you have other's light shining through you. Their light allows your beautiful colors to be expressed. It is also VERY special when you can find someone who shines their light through your spirit & your light through their form a Double Rainbow then! ;-)


lurkynat said...

Dear Deboarh,
What fun! I'm a waterfall! You're gonna' laugh, but someone used to tell me(a native American) , that it was my place to make sure that rainbows were placed by the schools so kids would know that theyare loved! Thanks that was fun!
Sounds like youare agreat friend and a wonderful teacher!

nhd106 said...

I'm a 40ish rainbow too!  Nice to meetcha.  nancy  : )