Saturday, August 6, 2005

Kids Dehydration & Gatorade

I was viewing a magazine & came across a Gatorade Ad about Kids & Dehydration. The ad was just too funny. It has a kid wrapped in bubble wrap & that is what my mom keeps telling me she is going to do with me lately with all my injuries! Ha!

Well this led to me checking out their site & it is pretty good explaining dehydration in kids. I know it is almost the end of the summer, but depending on where you live you may still have some very hot days coming. I know my sister teaches the young ones & the school has no air conditioning & they are dying in August & part of September even. Check out this website it is really good! You'll probably see the bubble wrap picture or a boy all padded up or in armor...they are just so funny!


swibirun said...

How did they get a kid wrapped in bubble wrap without the kid trying to pop all the bubbles....that's what I want to know.


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
How cute! love natalie

becksing said...

Hey, which magazine and issue did you find that ad? I saw it once and thought it was histerical but now I can't remember where I saw it!