Monday, October 31, 2005

Cheaper By The Dozen ;-)

Cheaper By The Dozen is on...again! I LOVE that movie. I must have lived another life that my spirit just loves the idea of 12 kids! HA! Funny twist of fate! Hmm!
I love the frog on the loose scene! HA! Watch Bonnie Hunt when the frog falls in the eggs! She just takes her hands & just causally is putting her hair back in place, like this is just rountine! No big deal! HA! Remember that commercial too with the mother in the tub & all the frogs in the house? Love it...what the heck was the commercial for though??? HA! Some of my married freinds get so irritated when they just washed the floor & the kids or dog comes in with dirty feet and I don't get it. Those are the fond memories you'll have in old age!
Then there is the scenes with all the kids in the bed...and the DOG! HA! And those little twins! They are just too much! Fighting in the grass they just look like future WWE contenders? HA!

Love the neighbor dad...did you notice he is from Ferris Bueller? The wife inquires about them playing hockey in the house & Steve Martin just flippedly says, "If it gets bigger than 3 on 3 they take it outside!" Love it! :-) "What ever happened to Pin the Tail on the Donkey?" HA!

The fun they still have....Bonnie "checking Steve out" etc. Then when Bonnie's character tells Steve her book was published & he attacks her in bed & "grosses out" his daughter...I love the "Can't you wait until I leave? Can you hurry?!"

Oh & I want a Bull Horn! That is great! And "Apple Smear" gotta love a dad like that! A
nd man you gotta love Ashton getting tormented by the kids!

Meat soaking his underwear...gotta love it! Even Steve Martin says, "Funny...but sooo wrong!" HA! "Pasta De La Crotch", "Clean-up on aisle 12" (taken from Michael Keaton in "Mr. Mom" idea!) "Come on Dad, don't hide in the closet, take it like a man!"

Ok, I'm much do you make as a babysitter for 12 kids? That could be major bucks! Now see I would have gotten a couple & given each one a few a piece...maybe even take a few to the mall & separate them...that should help! HA!

Now that is going to be a lot of grandkids! HA! Fun Times!!!


dreamingbrwneyes said...

It's a great movie, one that I can watch over and over again. I just love Steve Martin. Ever seen "Parenthood?? Another good movie of his.
I want atleast 3 kids, 12 would just be WAYYYYY too many : )

deslily said...

This may be hard to believe but it's true..
I had 2 "aunts" that had 13 (count them!).. 13 boys, EACH!  I never could have afforded Christmas !! (I stopped at 2 boys thank you very much lol)

lurkynat said...

yeah Steve Martin rocks!