Sunday, October 23, 2005

The "Givens" - A Great Reminder!

I wanted to make sure you benefited from this wonderful reminder from Mary Louise. She was nominated for a ViVi Award & I think you will begin to see why with this entry "The Givens"

It is a great reminder not to take our love ones for granted and to ALWAYS tell them how much we love them & thank God for every second we have them in our lives. It also can serve as a reminder not to take for granted they will be with us "some day" to tell them later! Some people just think a person will be around later to tell them how they feel about them and really you do not know for sure. Heck, it may be you that is not around. I know this is hard and not always possible! There are a few people I wish I could tell how I feel about them but just can't, but tell those you can! Send lovely prayers of happiness & love for those you cannot tell!

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lurkynat said...

Ilove you Deboarh! Thank you so this great sentiment!