Tuesday, October 4, 2005

On Golden Pond

I've been watching On Golden Pond as I wrote my last entries. It has been on cable lately. I just had to make an entry on it. It is one of my all time favorite movies!!!! There is just soooo much in it I love. Where to start????

The woods! I love the woods and the Lake! I would just love to live there! My folks are moving this week, after 27 1/2 years on an acre & 1/3 of woods & it is really hard for me because I could always go there & the moment I stepped out of my car or turned in the driveway I just felt so relaxed & "at home" in my soul. I love loons now too. The water...I have my turtles in my bedroom for one reason because of the flow of water - so relaxing! There is also a intersection I travel where if I hit the light (which I try to do! Ha!) I turn down my radio & open the window & listen to the waterfall on the corner that the car dealership has. Ahhhhh.....

I love the story of this movie also. It is interesting the similarities yet differences at each age...insecurities, wounds, healing, tenderness & love etc.

I love the fact that Ethel & Norman still have the relationship banter. Ha! Like the scene where Norman & Billy are sneaking out to go fishing after the boating accident & she catches them. She "requests" they stay in their own cove and Norman complains...then he says, "Fine we'll stay in the damn cove" and gives her that kiss of "Ya, Ya, Ya!" HA! And I love her then smiling & shaking her head! Ha! The lovely scene where she reminds him no matter how old he is, he is STILLl, and always will be, her knight in shining armour! How lucky to have a love that long. To be that comfortable with each other. To know each other, even their issues yet still love each other.

It is funny I love the Grumpy Old Men movies too...maybe I'll finally find someone in my later years Ha! Then again...maybe it is just the fishing?! Ha! I really miss fishing!

Ha! Since On Golden Pond ended I switched channels & found the end of Love Actually! Man...it is in the air tonight again! Love when she runs & jumps on the Prime Minister in the airport! Wouldn't we all like welcome homes like that everyday! ;-) Remember it is a CHOICE! :-)

Well maybe this will all make for some sweet dreams! :-) Good Night!


rap4143 said...

I don't live too far from where the one of my favorite movie was filmed :).

derasta said...

I love that movie too, so touching.  I love watching movies that are so moving and make you think well after the movie has ended.

lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
thanks that is a great movie.....Ilove it!

pattboy92 said...

"On Golden Pond" is one of my all-time favorite movies as well.  I could almost recite the lines by heart by now!


curvyanglintexas said...

On Golden Pond and Love Actually are two of my favorite movies :) Oh and the Grumpy old men movies are hilarious

My boyfriend and I are quite similar to Ethel and Norman ;) LOL