Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Take Another Look in that Mirror!

I have to make sure you all have the opportunity to read these two wonderful entries!
John mentions Ms. Blank's journal first and then Cynthia does some wonderful additions from her experiences.

Interesting, to read the comments also. Some mentioning the gender difference, that men seem to be able to gain more weight or be fine especially in Hollywood...lets see...

Drew Carey
John Belushi (Missed Dearly!)
Jim Belushi (Fluctuates)
Jim Candy (Missed dearly!)
William Shatner
Tom Hanks gaining some with the years!
John Travolta isn't as thin as he use to be either!
Alec Baldwin
Dan Ackroyd
John Ritter (Missed Dearly!)
William Petersen (Fluctuates)
Jack Nicholson

I'm sure there are others...let me know & I'll add them!

You don't see tv shows for Anorexia or Bulimia do you? You don't see magazines commenting on male actors who gain weight like female actresses. 

As someone who has fluctuated with weight since college, mostly when I have an injury & can't go out & have fun, I'm surprised I have not had this type of treatment toward me " choice words for them! I rarely am a quiet person when it comes to injustice! And I will admit I am not comfortable with my added weight when I do gain, despite the fact that I know I should not let some society standard rule me. I don't think it is really that, I don't have any dreams of being a supermodel or on some cover of a magazine. I am not looking for some guy that JUST wants me because of the way I look. I think it is really about confidence & being comfortable with who you are. I think that is something that even many thin people do not have. Why does it bother "you" if someone else is overweight?(A different skin color? A different sexual orientation? ETC!) In fact, that is one disadvantage when losing, all the glares & stares & comments for the opposite reason. I've had men talk to my breasts! I'm laughing & like bending my head down to make eye contact to say "HELLO!" When I sense that is just what you're gone! You think those are have no idea what you are missing! I just feel better when I'm more in my ideal range, more energy etc., and knowing I can be there it is frustrating when I'm not.

As I was reading these entries I  found it interesting that some people feel they can comment on how weight is really something totally under the person's control & thus it is "your own fault." It really surprises me that in today's day people do not think about genetics, since they do for everything else almost, inability to exercise, medication like prednisone etc which can be influencing your weight. And I suppose making a rude comment to someone is not under your control then? What is your "excuse?" Man! What does that really say about you then? What is it we are really looking for in people then? Who has more of a problem? I think these people should be looking in that mirror more!

I actually feel sorry for people who think love is about looks (or money or prestige etc) or whether you value getting to know someone even just as a friend is about weight, or skin color, occupation, money, cultural/ethnic background, gender ETC! What missed opportunities to meet & love some incredibly wonderful spirits! It isn't surpising to me considering all the other prejudicial attitudes & discriminatory behavior we have in the world though.

I remember giving my students a project in Social Psych to look for the elderly in magazines & make observations based on them. It was quite eye opening to them. I think I will add this topic as well in the future! :-)

I really hope you get to read these entries linked in this to hear what you think!


lurkynat said...

I think that prejudice against someone becasue theyare not thin enough is bad.I actually hate this form of abuse, right along with other prejudice, it nust be painful and then it must be wrong

sistercdr said...

This is definitely a topic that can get one going.  Unless someone has lived it, they just don't understand.

derasta said...

This was a great seems that people find it ok to still verbally abuse over weight people...the discrimanation is awful...

monponsett said...

I'm sort of shaped like a turkey, so any fat jokes I make are cathartic.

dreamingbrwneyes said...

You've brought up some very good points. Unfortunately many that will never change.

judithheartsong said...

thanks for sharing! judi

swibirun said...

First of all, I am not qualified to comment because I have had a thing for "Rubenesque" women all my life.  I don't like skinny women because to me, they are like a kid and I want a woman!  

But as I mentioned to someone else earlier today, doesn't that qualify as just as shallow?  Of course, I was only talking about initial attraction and nothing happens without a great brain and personality.  But I have always had a very specific type:  Short dark hair, brown or green eyes, short (5'4" or less), and "squatty bodied" (Big boobs, thick legs, nice but).