Friday, October 14, 2005

Need a Laugh?

Do you need a really good laugh? I mean one where you are crying & your stomach hurts from laughing? Go to Three Little Piggies' "Nuclear Situations" entry. I think this one could be used for the next South Park epsidode! HA! Actually, they probably have had it & I have missed it. I can't imagine them missing this topic considering all the others! HA!

Just remember, make sure not to take a gulp of a drink before you read this! HA! I'm sure some of you with kids have similar stories. They can be stressfull but they also can really relieve it in many ways. Funny thing...same is true for mates! :-) 


lurkynat said...

hehe! thanks Deborah

swibirun said...

That was a fun entry, wasn't it?

Brings a new meaning to the song "You Dropped The Bomb on Me" by Robert Palmer.